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Brand New   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Jul-30 by DanielBunch; 351 views.

From: DanielBunch


Hello.  Brand new here.  honest to say i've tried to quit too many times to count.  Hoping to try again tomorrow ... sad to say i've read the Carr book, but ... ... here we go again.  


From: TinyBadger


Hi there! Glad to see you found us. I admit the Carr book didn't do a lot for me. I think I'm probably the only one in the world who wasn't moved by it. That said, people here seem to really like it and find it quite inspiring. Are you ready for tomorrow? Have you stocked up on candies to suck on, straws and healthy snacks? That might help. Are you using nrt? I am on the smallest patch for a little longer, then I'm on my own. Kinda scary...post an sos anytime you feel desperate, we are here to help! I would suggest to read the articles here and post a lot because it really does help. You got this. I know you can do it.


From: Lubbercat


Welcome and good luck!  You might try having lots of ice water, suck it through a straw!  I like sucking on mints and frozen grapes are the best!


From: arlcruise


Dig into Joel Spitzer's world of quitting. It is what worked for me.


From: DanJF3


Welcome!  I hope you are off to a good start with your quit.  Getting started is the scariest and hardest part.  It really is a matter of taking things a minute and a crave at a time.  The Allen Carr book worked great for me but I realize it doesn't work for everyone.  We are all different and there is no magic, foolproof cure for this addiction.  Keep trying different things and reaching out for support.  I quit at the start of 2020 and what I did differently was join a couple online communities to get support on the occasion when I felt it was needed but mostly just seeing that I'm not the only one that fights the nicotine addiction brings a sense of comfort and strength. Sending positive thoughts your way and keep us posted.


From: Lyney



Welcome to the forum! Today is day 3, how is it going?


From: overdoz


Are you using nrt of any kind? I was using the cheap ones for months and had craves, finally have switched over to nicoderm cq and i see a big difference.