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Another Try   General Chit-Chat

Started Jul-31 by candrew; 854 views.

From: candrew


Hello to all forum friends. My name is candrew and I have been on and off this site since the first of the year. Had a few short-term quits and one 2 month. I am currently smoking with a quit date of tomorrow. 

The thing is that my withdrawals were minimal  for the first few days. That may be because i am       taking Chantix and Nicioderm. Then as time passed it seemed that the urges became stronger. 

I simply gave in four different times. It was easy ,

Two months is a long time to give up all that I worked for.

I hope and pray that I can stay abstinent, one day at a time


08/01/2020 - projected


From: TinyBadger


You'll do it! You've seen the light at the end of the tunnel and know that you can quit. Put those slips behind you and start afresh. Im not lying when I say that I've tried to quit hundreds of times over the years. It seems like every day I would tell myself I would quit, making it less than ,24 hours at a time. Then I'd smoke for the day, telling myself I'd quit tomorrow. I have faith in you because it sounds like you really want this! Lean on us when you're getting the jitters and someone here will give you a word of encouragement. 


From: slowblumer


Hello Andrew,

That 2 month quit you had was substantial.  You can do this.  

The urges often peak before they subside.   I am sure you have learned from your past quit.

It is a one day at a time journey.


From: candrew


Tiny -

Thanks for your response. Yup, this is pretty important that I take care of this while I can still breathe.  Overall I am in pretty good shape for 66, plan on 76 God willing. '

Smoking has no place  in my life anymore.  I hope the little monster (per Allen Carr) will slowly fade and that we can get along in life without our compulsion for the nicotine. 

I will smoke my last cigarettes tonight until I go to bed.  

Everyone is rooting for me, now I need to believe in me.


From: Nope62


   Welcome Back! 

Don't feel bad about giving up past quits! I gave one up that was seventeen weeks long, like it was nothing. I'm on my sixth quit this year alone. I recently lost a 30 day cold turkey quit. Just gave it up, again like it was nothing! I try to learn something from every lost quit.

Think about this, are you actually going to quit smoking forever, or are you just going to stop smoking for as long as you can? There is a big difference in these two mindsets! I have found that I am only stopping smoking, not quitting. I have to change my mindset! I am trying this time around.

If your like me, you are tired of quitting, only to lose your quit at some point.

If your like me you know how to stop and it's not that hard. 

If your like me staying quit is the problem.

I have stopped smoking six times this year for over 90 days total. I am 63 years old, and this 48 year nicotine habit is also taking my breath away, a little at a time. Quitting is all I think about day and night! It's no way to live!

Hopefully I'll make it to that Forever Quit this time!  I told you all this because your post reminded me of myself!

You can do this! Think about those past quits as learning experiences that are going to help you achieve this one final quit!

Take Care!

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From: candrew


Maybe  this will be of help:


How do I feel about the past year's attempt to quit smoking?

You were doing so well; your attitude was fantastic, you were ready for a change. This is something that you have wanted for a long time and there should be no excuse for failing. You've done enough of that already. You need to focus on the reasons why you want to quit. Try listing them and put a copy in your pocket. Refer to the list when you experience cravings. I wish it were that simple.


Do you really want to quit? A strong commitment is mandatory for success, I thought I was prepared this last time but deep down I felt like I would probably fail as I have in the past. This defeatist attitude is one of many feelings that must be overcome in order to remain smoke-free. In a nutshell, it comes down to plain and simple attitude

I have over six months invested in this current process. I don't think another period of abstinence is going to make any difference but I have decided to give it another hard try and this time I must do it. Otherwise I will probably be smoking for the rest of my life. What a thought!

It seems that the first few days of my “quit” times are no big deal. I start the feeling the withdrawals on day 3, 4 or 5 and finally relapse on day 7 or 8. This last time I went 54 days without a cigarette, and for some stupid reason I impulsively bought a pack of cigs and have been smoking ever since. Two months is a long time. I was not able to go another day without a cig. It seems a shame that I made it only 54 days, I should have pushed myself to make it three months, four months or more. Unfortunatly I gave in too easily.

It's time to give it another try. It's been 7 months since I started my first quit for 2020. This one will be number 5 and I will have a last smoke date of Saturday, August 1, 2020. (today) everyone asks me how this is going to be different. I honestly can't tell you. All I know is that I must give up this addiction. now and forever, otherwise I will probably suffer some major consequences. Speaking of consequences I have been diagnosed COPD and understand that this condition only gets worse. They have identified preconditions for emphasis and other lung related diseases, cancer is being monitored. What's next? Keep smoking and you'll find out.

Actually I feel good about my efforts to stop smoking. It shows that no matter how many times I try to quit, I am ready for the next one and the next one until I get it. If I don't get it I will plan for the next attempt. It's simple to quit but nicotine addiction is powerful stuff but I am ready for another fight starting on Saturday 8/1/20.

This time I will try even harder to maintain a positive attitude during my tough times. It's when cravings become overwhelming, the desire to smoke is through the roof and my I feel powerless to when lighting up that first cigarette I really can't tell you what triggered the relapse; I guess simply wanted a cigarette. I was willing to give up the small amount of time that I enjoyed being smoke-free. It's too easy to return to smoking. I don't know how to l to live smoke-free.


You should feel good about the work that you have done this year. Something has been removed from your life (smoking). I feel positive that I will stay smoke-free for months to come. I am confident I will be successful this time. I'm getting tired of dealing with this problem. Just do it!

The best to you and your quit. Stay in touch.



From: overdoz


Im in the same boat Andrew, i quit yesterday. I have bough the nicoderm cq patches it is my opinion that they work the best. I don't have any cravings with them. I had been using the cheap nicotine patches this past year and still had cravings, it was annoying. 

I had quit years ago with them, are those the ones you are using?


From: Jatchat


Good luck Andrew, or good management of your quit, Congratulations on coming back to a quit state mentality may you persevere this time despite the cravings, The benefits far out way the costs, The health benefits are a no-brainer. 

Kind regards



From: candrew


mine are nicotine by Reejoys - got them from Amazon

can't tell if they are working yet or not

I think Chantix is my ticket, I hope my insurance company refills 

my current script it runs out in 6 weeks 

Thanks for the info on the cheap patches.



From: overdoz


yeah your welcome, i have had no cravings at all with nicoderm cq, there is a coupon also if you google online to save some money ( i didnt do that) but at 15 dollars a pack in a few days you get our patches worth. I have heard real good things about chantix, people say it has really helped them. Whatever it takes i guess, have a good day.