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Nope Sunday August 2nd   General Chit-Chat

Started Aug-2 by Eve1973; 228 views.

From: Eve1973


Good Morning fellow NOPERS,

Wow we are doing fantastic......is it getting easier for you? I was at a BBQ last night and didn’t think once about smoking. 

So I’m thinking that one day we will all feel that “peace” people talk about......just be patient and know that every day we are nicotine free we have won! 

So take my hand and join me in pledging NOPE, I GOT YA!

Have a great Sunday 

  • Edited August 2, 2020 10:02 am  by  Eve1973

From: TinyBadger


Eve, I'm joining you in your nope and saying well done! You're making great progress in your quit. To not even think about it is splendid. I'm hoping to get that peace eventually, and if I keep going, I'm sure it will be mine! Who will take my hand and pledge nope today?


From: kittymom413


Hi there, TB,

Happy Sunday to you. With every day, every step you take to get away from this addiction you are getting stronger. One day you will feel that peace; it's not always there at first, like the ocean it ebbs & flows, but you too will get there, I am absolutely positive that you will!

Today I thankfully join you, Eve & all of our forum family to pledge NOPE & I reach out my hand to anyone that wants to join us...

Have an amazing smoke free day,

Kitty cat


From: Jatchat


Hi Patrick,

I to would like to say NOPE today, and invite others to join us

Kind regards


Three days, 22 hours, 50 minutes and 26 seconds. 122 cigarettes not smoked, saving $152.81. Life saved: 10 hours, 10 minutes.

Stepping down to 14 mg today, wish me luck


From: euknight


Wow Anthony!   Those birds are the cutest thing ever.  I don’t even recognize the breed but we prob don’t have it here!!  Thank you for sharing!

Pledging Nope with gratitude today. Had a marvelous swim under the almost full Sturgeon moon last night.  So, hear you Kitty about the ebb and flow of the waves.  You know the paddling out is the hard part....but riding the wave back in....ahhhhhhhhhhhh.  

So happy no urges at the bbq, Eve!  It is really like being in the middle of a miracle when you think back to the trapped captivity once experienced!  May we all enjoy this freedom forevermore!!

Have a beautiful smoke free day and anyone come join us!!




From: Ovivi


Hi Peggy!

So nice to see you and to pledge NOPE with everyone today.

Hope everyone is hanging on and getting stronger every minute. Believe 


September 6 2019