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experiences with nicotine patch?   Quit Support

Started Aug-3 by EliNish; 245 views.

From: EliNish


Hello. I relapsed today. Sigh. The cravings were so bad. I went and got a pack.

So I'm wondering about the patch.  Nicotine gum upsets my stomach, even though I followed the "bite-bite-park" method.

I am not asking for medical advice (I know we can't). What I would like to ask, can someone share their experience with the nicotine patch? Maybe that is the NRT method I need to try.

The last time I tried the patch, I had stomach upset and crazy dreams. I think I was on too strong of a patch. I am - was - a pack a day but with the lightest cigarettes. I think I will try the 14 mg first.

What strength have others tried who were more "average" and not heavy smokers? Thanks!


From: Loreficent


Hi there, 
First things first...don’t beat yourself up. This is a process and for some the process is put it down and they’re done, and for some...well the process is different. Also, I’m not sure where your first post is so don’t know the beginning of your story and will look for it after I answer this. I am a patch quitter. After a few times failed at cold turkey. I smoked about 12 a day most days, 15 some days. I started with 21mg brand name patches. Not cause I’m a believer in things have to be brand name, but I had some of the no brand ones someone had given me and found they didn’t stick as well for me. I also found the brand in this case to feel different and more helpful. Reading the boxes I noted the time frame is different too in the recommendation for length of use. I had a talk with my doc about it, and thankfully, his bottom line was “do whatever works!” He was/is very supportive of the just keep trying method. I also have a shrink that I see who started as a marital therapist for me and the Ex many years ago, and he went on to be my “co-parent” in many ways and remains a continued support for me in all of my life journeys. He was a HUGE support with quitting; very much like a quit coach. 
There are a lot of folks who have just shone on here at cold turkey. There are those of us who use NRT in some form, and many of us who turned to NRT after failing at cold turkey. There is only one “right” way and that is whatever works for you!! The beauty of being here is exactly this; we get to talk it out, share, support, encourage, cry, scream, ponder, and muddle through together. So beautiful. There is a lot of data that supports the use of NRT as far as success rate. That does not negate cold turkey by any means. I think by now you will see where I’m going...do what works for you and stay on here and post and talk and ask and offer and, well, just keep going!! It does take a level of continuous commitment for sure and some days just aren’t so easy. But for me...the patch and this board have been so far a successful combo for over 5 months. I had 2 slips in there but haven’t given up. So if you are telling yourself you may want to try the patch...go get some and give it a go! You deserve to be and should be patient and kind with yourself no matter what journey you’re on. And we will all support you in your decision and efforts!


From: Lubbercat


Sorry to hear you had a relapse but, it really is a learning process.  I am a patch quitter the first time and now.  I quit the first time for over 2 years and I can tell you that I started with the 21 mg and pretty much did the 2 weeks, then 14 mg 2 weeks and then the 7 mg just around 1 week........this time I started with the 14 mg for around the first 3 weeks and just switched to 7 mg last week and have forgotten to put one on yesterday and today.  So, it comes down to whatever works for you.  I do tend to get just a little edgy when I step down the mg on the patches but, by the time I am down to the 7 mg and going off of those, it really is not much more then stepping down from the other 2 higher patches.

I was told by my doctor to keep those 7 mg close by and if I think I am going to slip and go back to smoking to slap that patch back on!  

Good luck with whatever you decide to use and let us know how you are doing.


From: SusanK1960


Hi EliNish,

I copied over a message by overdoz from another string.  It may be something else to consider besides strength.

From: overdoz


Are you using nrt of any kind? I was using the cheap ones for months and had craves, finally have switched over to nicoderm cq and i see a big difference. 

CC to overdoz

From: Molly010


Hey EliNish,

Don't beat yourself up.  I quit a bazillion times before finally quitting for good.  I quit cold turkey, but did try NRTs a few times.  The patch is definitely better than the gum.  I found my cravings were ridiculous with the gum for some reason.  The patch was better because it just gave a steady stream through out the day.  

When you are ready to get back on the wagon, stay close to the forum and post post post when you want to jump in your car to get cigs. Many of us are here on the forum to talk you out of it.  Also, there are numerous articles you can read about how your addiction works.  I also read Allen Carr's book.    The craving will pass.  It is so hard in the beginning so I understand how frustrated you may be.  But don't stop quitting!  Keep trying and one will stick.  Good luck.  :)


From: EliNish


Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences.  And the encouragement!  Take care, have a good night