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WEIRD experience just now   Quit Support

Started Aug-4 by EliNish; 269 views.

From: EliNish


I just had the weirdest experience. I was dozing (been extra tired these days - I know that's a withdrawal symptom) and my husband came home from work. I woke up and couldn't catch my breath. I read somewhere about this as another withdrawal symptom. So I laid there for a while, clutching his hand, nearly hyperventilating, and then suddenly burst into tears - an ugly cry. What the ...? Great thing is, a cig is the LAST thing I wanted afterward. Probably because my chest/lungs got a workout from the quick shallow breathing.

Can anyone relate? Any other weird withdrawal stories? Thank you


From: Loreficent


Oh, that sounds scary. Sorry that happened! Haven’t experienced it personally but Ive read a few stories similar on here, folks likening symptoms similar to a panic attack. Haven’t read too many where it has been more than occasional or any that it persisted, thank goodness.

Glad you have your support there from your hubby. Don’t focus on it too much or worry about; N=1 doesn’t make a trend!

I guess what I mean is try not to focus on it too much and think it will be a persistent thing. It most likely won’t! For me, sometimes I can try to talk myself into doing something as a rationalization. Early on I caught myself trying to do that because “if I smoked I wouldn’t be so tired!” and stuff like that. I could see me doing something like that if I had your experience and I do not trust my addict self not to take a mile if I give an inch!
You are doing great! Keep doing!!

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From: xvaper


I did not hyperventilate but I felt very dizzy for two weeks and super depressed but in a different way than just being down, it was super weird almost like a hallucinatory experience. I can't really describe it. I also burst into tears several time for no apparent reason.

It passed.


From: overdoz


try to keep busy, i never take a nap in the afternoons (im against them) i have a hard enough time sleeping at night so afternoon naps are the first things doctors cut if people cant sleep well at night. We have to be as active as we can at all ages of our lives, walking around doing mindless work. I hang out in my garage everyday listening to the radio, tinkering with something, i like fixing things or figuring them out. 

My mom i remember always had projects going on when were younger, she was a seamstress and was always fixing someones dress or general clothing, she even would make clothing for people (lol) she made a dress once for a girlfriend i had in high school, it was hilarious. But an idle mind is not good for humans. It sounds like you were having a panic attack.