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Lozenges and gums   Health Support and Encouragement

Started Aug-6 by TinyBadger; 88 views.

From: TinyBadger


Any lozenge users out there have trouble with their cheeks and or gums? I follow the directions to the letter, but I have a couple spots along my gum line that are killing me and bleeding like the dickens. I went to the dentist today to make sure it wasn't a cavity or an infection, but he says everything looks good, my gums in those two spots are "angry". He gave me a special brush to massage my gums with and asked me to call him in ten days. My gums have never bled and I do take good care of my teeth.(except for smoking in the past). he did say that it could be the lozenges, but he doesn't know for certain. I only use 3 a day tops. I don't get it...anyone else getting this? I bought some sugar free candy so I can rotate through and not use the lozenges if I don't have to. 


From: SusanK1960


Hey Tiny,

gums will bleed more because your circulation is better after quitting. It is common for cheek and gum irritation from lozenges.  So it could be your gums are bleeding due to better circulation, and the irritation is from the lozenges.  It is common to “hold” the lozenges in a couple places over and over and that is what Is causing the spot irritation rather than an overall irritation.  Salt water rinse may help relieve the soreness as well as a ultra soft toothbrush over the gums.