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1 year 10 months Smoke Free   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started Aug-15 by BlueDahlia29; 1325 views.

From: BlueDahlia29


Hi Gloria, your motivation always inspired me when I was coming here, you've always been so positive and upbeat, you have an amazing attitude.

Hey Blue, 

Hey Blue. Think you will have 2 years Freedom this month...Way to Go! Glad that you kept fighting and were motivated to continue quitting until it stuck. Yes I think the psychological withdrawal was the hardest and trickiest to conquer. Thank you for being on the battlefield with us. Each of us needed the support to make it through this battle/war. And now we have sweet victory. I have a few quick thoughts of cigs but no craves... my brain remembers that I had cigs with my morning coffee for 42 years. I smile and remember that but have NO desire to smoke again. I can just enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee for the treasure that it is.

Nice to hear from you. Please stay safe during this pandemic. My warrior mentality does not help me win with Covid unlike Nicodemon. I am doing everything I can to stay safe for myself and mostly because I help take care of my 92 Y O father. We had to put up NO Visitors signs and stop many relatives from trying to come visit him...even during the stay at home order. I run into people in grocery store who want to hug and shake hands...and I am trying to maintain a 6-ft social distance zone. Then they want to fist bump or elbow bump. I was hoping people would not recognize me with a mask but most do...even if I have not seen them in 10 years. I try to stay away from people like they may have the plague...and the plague is out there. Fighting this demon is so much harder to win. No playbook for this.

Please celebrate your milestone. And lets keep working on our wings.

Let's keep kicking Cig Butt!!


Freedom, Peace & Joy since 30 July 2018....How Sweet it is!!sunflower