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5 months not smoking but my brain is still trying to lure me back in    General Chit-Chat

Started Sep-19 by Danhugs; 5133 views.

From: Loreficent


Meditation is good. Especially now I think, with quitting, the state of the world, pandemic, etc. It is a good respite. Do you mean drift to the left or right while meditating or just while walking through life? Or both? joy
Yes, keeping in touch with nature overall pretty much is my spiritual practice so to speak. That said, why am I dreading the change to Winter so badly? I think it is the coming cold this year mostly as I’ve been outside so much. Don’t really like wearing all the stuff it takes to stay cozy in the cold. 
Do you mean like what they call a walk about? Where you go for an extended time? Where would you do that if it could be anywhere in the world? Oh...that’s a hard question. Not sure I could pick just one area. Well, make the plan. I’ve found this to be helpful for the things I cannot do right now, to at least be planning them. Maybe give yourself a time frame, like “In one year I’m going to....”.  Just don’t let it wait too long if it is something you really want to do. Time has a funny way of getting away from us! On to month 7, right? Are the craves a lot better now?

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