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Not New Here but things have changed ??   General Chit-Chat

Started Sep-25 by TMeeker56; 214 views.

From: TMeeker56


Terry and Dee

Its me, your old quit buddy Tammy. The same Tammy that was sassy and spent way to many hours in this place. I can not remember my old login so I gad to create a new one. Its been over 17 years since I quit, still going strong by the way. Last night I was nominated to help someone quit smoking. Just checking to see if this is the same ole hangout that it used to be.  


From: ModDee


Wow!  Hey there Tammy girl.  It's so good to hear from you.  Yes this is still the place for the unconditional support and caring that we gave in the old days :-)

Best wishes to you as always.


P.S. Just texted to Linda wishing her a great Yom Kippur.  She responded that she's doing well.  We discussed both of us celebrating 17 years quit this year and all the fun we had on the forum as newbies along with fighting the battle of cessation.

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From: TMeeker56


Yay I am so thankful for this forum, there is not one better!!!  We just bought a used motorhome last week, as soon as I walked in it I demanded a lower price because it reeked of cigarette smoke, GAG  Gosh 17 years, we did it and I’ve never looked backed.