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Ready To Quit But Scared!   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Sep-28 by justkee; 1824 views.

From: MJoe79


Debbie Steinman (DebbieSteinm) said:

"nothing and no one is going to sabotage my quit. I protected my quit like I would a tiny baby or a tiny puppy and refused to lose"

Debbie - I love this statement you made in your reply!  I have not quit yet - my date is January 26th - but this statement is something I've been trying to articulate to myself and didn't have the right words. I want to OWN my Quit - like you said "protect my quit".  I also have people in my life who support me in a sense, but some of them smoke and the non smokers really don't get it.

This isn't for them.  It's for me. My health. My breathing. My strength. My freedom.

Thank you for posting such an inspirational answer.