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Day 42 : Seasonal Cravings   Quit Support

Started Oct-12 by thft98; 157 views.

From: thft98


Hello all. Today is my 52th day without smoking. In the first 6 weeks, I even did not want to smoke at all. I thought that quitting was so easy. However, after starting course registrations of university, I’m craving. I missed my smoking routine (w/ coffee, tea, after the session I attended etc.). I am trying to replace it with Yerba Mate and I really like that tea. Anyway, I have no power to resist but I am 100% sure that this is seasonal because it is my first time semester in university without smoking. I will be glad with any suggestion. Thanks for your time and good luck !

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From: Eve1973


Hi thft,

Im not sure of how long you smoked, nor amount, but they say the 1st year is the year of triggers. So seasons, holidays, and yes after anything! So some people eat gum/candies/ drink ice water through a straw/ take walk/ or do anything to distract yourself. Maybe walk up and down the steps 5 times.

Good luck and if you have gotten 42 or 52 days of quitting you are winning!