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Nope Sunday 10/18/202   General Chit-Chat

Started Oct-18 by Eve1973; 268 views.

From: Eve1973


Good Morning,

   We are stronger together if we can help each other beat this awful addiction. So today I’m offering my hand to others to join me in saying NOPE, not one Puff Ever! Everyone needs a helping hand in life no matter what, so Please ask for help if you need it! 

Have a fantastic day!



From: kittymom413


Hello there, Eve,

You are so right...everyone needs help sometimes & it seems like there is always someone on this site to help in a crisis. Since nicotine is one of the hardest substances to give up this forum is critical to everyone's success because all of us here have been or are going through the same struggles. I know that if it wasn't for the strong quitters that came before me I wouldn't be here.

Today I'm happy to join you in pledging NOPE...Not One Puff Ever!! That's a promise, not just to myself, but to my forum family as well!!

Who wants to take my hand to join us in our pledge? We really are stronger together!

Have an awesome smoke free day,

Kitty cat


From: TinyBadger


Eve and kitty, I'll pledge nope today and know that I can do this! I may struggle, but I can kick this things behind and become a healthier me, both mentally and physically! Who will join me?


From: Season1327


I'm saying NOPE today! I'm almost through day 7 and I feel so down. My husband is only quitting because of me so I feel responsible for his unhappiness and that makes me feel even worse than I already do. We have always smoked together and I wish I was the person who could just smoke a few at night but I can't.  And that is when we spent time talking so right now, even though we are in the same house, we really aren't communicating. The nicotine demon is telling me to just give up, that I know I will eventually anyway so why put it off and then we will start talking again. But I just have to keep remembering the first few days of quitting - I was so sick like I had the flu - and I certainly don't want to go through that again. But I feel like I will never be happy again. 


From: TinyBadger


You're doing a great job! Wow, you have worked very hard! Just think, you are making an important move to be happier and healthier. I have become more confident and less anxious and depressed than I was before. Quitting is probably the best decision about my health I've ever made. It will be ok, season. Promise. You're going through a rough patch and it will get better. You definitely don't want to go through those first days again so hold on and don't give in! 


From: Jatchat


Hi Tiny and all, Smoked two this morning, put on two patches, I will get rid of these cravings somehow, put in a lozenge, for insurance, and I will pledge NOPE for the rest of the day, currently five hours free, and craving free.

I invite others to join us

Kind regards


Cathedral Rocks, Kiama