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Nope Pledge 10/22/2020   General Chit-Chat

Started Oct-22 by Eve1973; 164 views.

From: Eve1973


Good Morning NOPERS!

    Been a weird week, I feel that everyone here is dealing with some  trials and tribulations. If you are succeeding in getting through this , you are a winner! Remember life will always pop up and if you can get through it SMOKE FREE, you are doing fantastic. We need to stick close to the forum......Why? Because we are stronger together! 

   So I’m pledging my nope to my forum family......you know exactly what I’m going through, and what I have went through, more than anyone else! 

   So join me in kicking butts......pun intended!


From: kittymom413


Good morning, Eve,

It really has been a weird week...in fact, this week is so filled with intense emotions that there are 2 NOPE pledges going around the forum today!! If you can say that you're not smoking you really are a champion! So today I will make 2 pledges of NOPE as I know it's going to be a tough couple of days at work & I need this pledge to make it through.

Who wants to join us in our freedom pledge? Here take my hand...we really are stronger together!


Kitty cat


From: Ovivi


Hoping that today turns out to be a better day for everyone.

I pledge NOPE for today. Cigarettes never make anything better, they just make it worse.

To break out of prison you must first realize you are locked up.


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From: TinyBadger


I'm pledging nope today. I know we can do this!