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ONE WEEK!!    Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started 10/23/20 by nosmoketig; 3303 views.

From: nosmoketig


Well everyone, I made it a week without smoking. It has been tough. I cried a few times, I yelled at my best friend, my head has hurt, and I cant seem to figure out what to do with my hands. But despite the bad things that have come with this, I look at my list of reasons I wanted to quit. I am healthier, I already have more money (I've saved over $50 this week, hell yeah!), my friends and family are proud, I have proven how strong I am, I have begun to incorporate exercise into my daily routine, I have more free time, and those thoughts in my head saying "smoking is going to kill you" have been replaced with "you are better because of this." Honestly, being smoke free for seven whole days feels AMAZING. Better than any 5 second buzz from a cigarette or Juul ever made me feel. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped me out this week. Having this community, having people holding me accountable, has been exactly what I needed. I couldn't have done it without everyone. From random songs to mountain lion attacks, these silly conversations are the distractions that keep me going. I once heard "you can't do life alone" and that seems to be more true here than I've ever seen before. 

I do this thing with my friends where I send them a quote a day. I am gonna share 2 that I sent this week and might start posting them here too. Hopefully someone will get some inspiration out of it. 

"Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be." -Abraham Lincoln 

"No pressure, no diamonds." -Thomas Carlyle 

Okay, my random thoughts are over for this morning. I tend to ramble when I need a distraction, but you all understand. Thanks again for helping me through my first week. Now onto the second, third, and a lifetime (even though I am still taking it day by day) of being smoke-free. I hope everyone is doing well, I look forward to your thoughts today, and I hope y'all have a great weekend! 


From: Loreficent


CONGRATULATIONS LUKE! tigertigertiger I found Tigers for you! 
Wow. See? It is good on this side too, right? And I promise it will only get better! Did you watch that video?? Crazy! For some reason I thought of you while watching it. I really did. And this is ok because we know the guy did not get eaten! joy 
Ok...so “No pressure, no diamonds”. This is my favorite for the day! Love it! Yes, keep them coming! Also, please write big long posts!! Seriously? Have you seen some of my novellas?? joygrinstuck_out_tongue_winking_eye It does work for me it seems.

I will toast you today with a great big chocolate milk! Right after numbing from dentist wears off! sweat_smile


From: nosmoketig


Yes, I saw the video. That man needs to go buy a lottery ticket!! I thought it was so funny when he was like "you're a scary kitty-kitty." joyjoy I can see why you would think about me. Not only would I be running in the mountains like that (alone probably lol) but the cat would have gotten ahold of me. I would have cussed a lot more than homeboy did hahahhaha Also, it might be because I listen to NPR flushed #proudNERD 

I see that you have picked up that I love Tigers. Can you guess what college I go to? I want a tiger as my next tattoo. If I can find out how to put a picture here I'll show you some ideas. Speaking of tattoos, I had a random dream last night my sister took me to get my wisdom teeth out (??) and while I was under anesthesia she had an artist fill my chest up with tats. Whats up with these strange non-smoking dreams??? 

Lore, I was tested last night. I am a bartender. Last night a guy was sitting at the bar and pulled out an ecig. Not only was I stressed because you can't smoke inside anymore and had to tell him, but I wanted to take it out of his hands and hit it SOO bad. But, I didnt. I took a deep breath and actually thought, my Forum Friends would be upset with me if I caved when I am this far along. So I went back to making drinks and chatting it up with the guests. Craving passed quickly. 

Cheers to your chocolate milk obsession! Hope the dentist appointment went well?? 


From: DanJF3


Congratulations Luke!  Be very proud of your accomplishment!  It's just a start on what I hope is a very long journey without the baggage and stress that nicotine creates.  Remember that nicotine addiction is not a sign of weakness but if you are going to get free from it it does require a good amount of strength, often to a level you had no idea you had.  I'm glad you passed the test you had last night at work.

OK now you peer pressured me into looking for an inspirational quote.  :)  I think this one is appropriate:

It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome. -  William James

Your attitude seems very strong and positive and that's a great sign.

Very interesting dream you had.  I know I had some weird ones too back in my early days although I don't remember any of them now.  It's weird how we often forget our dreams and if we do remember them you still forget them quickly.  The worst is dreaming that you have smoked again.  I did have that one twice I think but then there is relief when you wake up and realize you didn't actually do it.  Don't be surprised if that one shows up some night.

So I am guessing you are a student at Clemson?  Hopefully you got through those essays and that they were about a fun topic?

Keep up the great work!  Keep posting both in good times and when you are having challenges!  You can do this!

GI_JOE (JoelJose)

From: GI_JOE (JoelJose)


"smoking is going to kill you" have been replaced with "you are better because of this." Honestly, being smoke free for seven whole days feels AMAZING. Better than any 5 second buzz from a cigarette or Juul ever made me feel. 

Wow.. Luke.. A great realization. Congratulations Luke.keep up the good fight.


From: Eve1973


Hey Luke, I’m So Proud of YOU! Awesome......I loved the fact you thought of the forum family before you leaped! Honestly this forum has saved me many times! My weird dreams still come......not every night, but at least once a week. They are crazy!!  

Keep up the good work and don’t forget to post if your in trouble! Somebody will help out! 


From: Loreficent


Hey Luke

Well, You just had your chocolate milk! Trust me, it was sooo good. I know this is a busy weekend for you and lots of added stress. Keep up the momentum though, ok? I also notice you said “next” tattoo. Well, I don’t think it is a secret here that I am a fan of tats. Actually, I think I live in the tattoo capital of the country! joy Maybe per capita but Seattle is probably close. It’s not a big deal here at all and even many professionals have something visible. So...yes...get yourself a Clemson Tiger! Dan was correct, right? Clemson? I’m a Husky for as much as I was into sports, joy . I am but not in the team sports play them kind of way. Still, after all these years not living there, I do remain a Red Wings fan. 

Wanted to say too, sounds like you did a great job handling the customer last night! Way to go! I’m sure it was a temptation. Wow. That is hard work, Bartending.  Are you working full time and school? 
Also...do not take this as any kind of green light to slip, but nobody gets upset so to speak here when one of us falters. Disappointed, sure, but you are always welcome no matter what. It’s really great you have that sense of accountability as it will really help your quit! 
Have a great weekend. If I’m not on much I’ll still be thinking about you and sending good vibes your way. You will get through the studies with flying colors, I’ve no doubt. What are you studying, by the way? Will also add you on my list of folks for my nightly walks that get a kiss on the wind every night too. blush I do believe a lot of things about good energy. 

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From: nosmoketig


Hi Lore! You will see my other post that today has been a struggle, so I'm just gonna talk to you here because I need something to distract myself. 

So Yes, you and Dan are correct. I am a Clemson Tiger. This is my last semester. I'm getting my B.A. in History and Political Science and I really hope to go to law school in the next 2-3 years. Although I do not want to practice law. I want to write policy and work in politics. I would love to work for the State Department. I had a very prestigious internship at the U.S. Capitol this summer, but COVID took away those plans. COVID took away a lot of plans. I had to add 2 classes this year bc I didn't complete the internship this summer. So I don't have the extra time to study for the LSAT like I wanted to. So, I have a lot to figure out. I graduate in December and I think I am going to work as a paralegal until I can figure out what to do next. I love politics and my friends tell me I might be the president one day. I don't know about that, but I will say I love to help people. That's why I have fallen in love with this community here so much. Smokers helping smokers? Brilliant! 

And yes, full time school and part-time work. I am a manager/bartender at a local pub. It's a cool gig. I make my own hours and have a pretty large group of regulars that come to see me. While I pour beer all the time, my passion is with mixed drinks. I call myself a "certified mixologist." I think making drinks is a form of art. I love to make something and watch people get excited over it. Then they drink it and love it even more lol. My job is pretty easy, but you know I deal with my fair share of BS. Drunks. Fake ID's. Ignorant people. As much as I love politics, I have a strict no politics at the bar policy. Booze does not mix well with those conversations. 

So yeah, there is a little more about me. One of these days I will have to show you some of my publications (if you like history in any way) I know you said you have to work this weekend, but I am thinking about you! Hope it is an easy weekend and you get some quality time with your daughter! Cheers! 


From: Jaka38


Congratulations for your first week. That's really great so keep up the good work. It's not that far for me either so I can remember it quite vividly. It's crazy how our mind reacts when we take away its food, even though it's poisoned. I'm now past week 3 and all those intense emotions are coming back. I already talked about it with Lore in another post that it has to do with expectations probably. Or with those common traps on a quit path. How is it? 3 something. 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months. I guess It'll just need to distract some more as you mentioned it and wait for it to pass.

I saw you mentioned you like history. Did you by any chance read something from Harari. I know some academics criticise him for being oversimplified but I love this really big picture, big scope, of his interpretation. Homo sapiens is one of my favourite books. 

Ok, now I'll just continue with my anti-anger-fear-anxiety walk. Wish you wonderful day, free from desire yo smokewink


From: Loreficent


How’s it going Luke? I love that you got on and wrote a bit about things as a distraction. I do that too. It works. So...politics, eh? Wow. What a time to be involved in, interested in, and getting educated on that tremendous subject. I agree. Does not mix with booze.  I’m not a drinker. I have little tolerance for folks being around me drunk. I don’t mind tipsy, or a “happy” buzz kind of level, but one over that limit is out of my comfort zone for tolerance. Generally, I will walk away and let it go, knowing they will sober up. So, that said, maybe we should go back to Prohibition,  throw tobacco in that lot too, and fire all the politicians! But since we know this is La-La Land thinking, I’m just gonna say...LUKE FOR PRESIDENT!!! Oh yeah. Our Luke. Yeah. I think I’ll just write you in now on my ballot, how’s that? joy see_no_evilhear_no_evilspeak_no_evil
Well, many here have said if you can quit smoking you can do anything, so go Luke! 
On a happier note...my Daughter just took the World’s Best Chocolate Milk and put it in a blender with the World’s Best Coffee Ice Cream and I think I’ve found Nirvana!! Oh yeah. She is a mixologist of a different sort. Usually it involves essential oils, but she got a hankering for this and it may be a very dangerous mix. I see a long run in store for me tomorrow! joy
Yes, I would like to see your publications! 

P.S. See? I just wrote it all out too. Distract, distract, distract!!!