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Can't Taste Sweet As Well   General Chit-Chat

Started Oct-29 by StruggleHard; 274 views.

From: StruggleHard


Hi All - so I'm 30 days into my quit and in the last few days, I've noticed my taste of sweet isn't as strong.  I had some Pepsi, and it barely tasted sweet.  I don't drink it that often so it should have tasted sweet, really sweet.

I know everyone says your taste and same become stronger after you quit.  It's hard to tell if my taste was off as a smoker, b/c it's me..Lol.  However, my sense of smell has always been excellent (compared to my husband, etc.).

I'm curious if anyone has experienced the same thing with sweet or taste in general, several weeks into a quit.  Of course, with Covid out there, I'm a little concerned that the change in taste might be something else.



From: livtoswim


Hello- I think smoking dulls our senses overall.  I have quit a few times and taste comes back strongly. I didn't realize how much smoking effects every function in our body full stop.   

Your not alone with your struggle.  One day at a time. 




From: Anne2020


I definitely noticed a change in tastes.  Sweets were so much sweeter and coffee was stronger than ever.  Smells definitely picked up as well.   Aroma's I had never noticed before became quite strong; like my scented candles.

I also noticed that my anxiety reduced for the most part and I my skin was so much softer.  

Allot of changes have occurred since I quite.  Some changes were immediate while others were gradual over time.  All of these things I took as signs of healing.  The counter benefit against cravings.  Each time I had a craving, I would feel how soft my skin was or light up a new candle and just enjoy the aroma. 

It really helps to notice these positive changes and focus on them for incentive to carry on.



From: StruggleHard


Thanks, Anne. Ironically, Pepsi tastes LESS sweet to me! I haven't really noticed stronger sense of smell, but I think mine has always been pretty good anyway. 

Unfortunately my anxiety went through the roof, but getting a little better, so hoping that's a trend to a lot better. 


From: StruggleHard


Thanks. Helps to know others really understand it.