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November 2020 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started Oct-31 by Terry (abquitsmking); 21387 views.

From: lizlemon90


Jonny84 said:


Thank you for this reminder, and totally agree!!!! This is only day 3 for me (off juuling cold turkey).... i got to that point where and even now.... i know that the feeling of not juuling is so so painful and miserable... but the feeling of not being able to stop yourself even when you know it doesn't feel good anymore is SOOOOO MUCH WORSE. And we all know how bad nicotine withdrawal feels..... (so, yes, that's how bad addiction really feels). That utter confusion of saying to yourself "i really don't like this anymore", as you continue to watch your hand, lips and breath repeat this same, sickening motion, over and over, prolonging the cycle of of pure terror... repressing the strength you have inside, repressing the mature realization that you know it is time to move on... does not even compare. I have been physically (literally) sick to my stomach since 3 days ago.... the whole gambit of GI issues, I can't concentrate, literally can't perform at my job, have body tremors, headache, have this irritability i can feel rushing through and taking total control of my body, I barely feel like i'm alive. I had such bad constipation this morning I started screaming in the bathroom, I have never felt anything like it. (sorry if TMI but assuming some other folks may have gone thru it too).

The moment I decided to quit (an impromptu decision), I had to sit down for hours in a chair and just talk to myself and observe all the different feelings running thru me. Thank you for reminding me too (Loreficient) that I should probably keep this inner conversation up, rather than fixating on how much this period "sucks". It's interesting, if you really listen to yourself, you can see just how fleeting all of these urges and desires are. I believe (for all of us still struggling) that we will reach a point when we decide to let go of the idea that this withdrawal process sucks and to ALLOW ourselves to feel GOOD. I have recently been able to cure my 2 years of chronic pain with the same exact realization, and I know it will translate here too. (for anyone interested please look into the work of John Sarno, his research is equivalent to addictions as well)

I know how bad this is... all of us going through it are in hell, but the addiction itself was the biggest hell of all....NOTHING comes close. 

I have also not really abstained from my triggers (drinking alch, being around people smoking, vaping, working, keeping the juul and pods around me). I feel like this method is helping me even though the feeling is that much more intense. wondering if anyone else has also felt the need to fight through their addiction this way? 


From: Loreficent


So, if you can get through the craves without avoidance of your triggers, great! Take that Bull by the horns. You are absolutely correct when you say “addiction itself was the biggest hell of all”. Spot on. Maybe make yourself some post it notes of the little pearls like this that will help you through a moment. Bottom line is, we all gotta deal with those triggers eventually, and there is no right or wrong way. It is completely ok to do it the way you are! Set yourself up for success, however that works for you. We will be here to lend a hand. If it were me, though, I would not be able to keep smokes at hand. There are a couple here who have and so far have done ok. 

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From: Vickie106


ONE MONTH!  Sorry for shouting, but a month seemed so far away just a couple weeks ago!  Plus, I’m off the patch and just using the nic gum when an urge hits-about 3 or 4 a day.  

This is a great day for being smoke free!



From: Anne2020


WELL DONE!!! SHOUT OUT TO VICKIE - Keep up the great work



From: Eve1973


Congratulations !

Keep on going! Make sure you treat yourself to something special! You deserve it!


From: Vickie106


Thank you!  Can’t wait to be where you are in another year!  Congratulations to you!


From: Vickie106


Thank you!  I’m so excited and pleased to have made it this far!  


From: gkim


Yay! How great are you!! It feels great, doesn’t it!? My urges are also much less and mornings are less difficult. We will do this! Congratulations!


From: fortemdomina


Congratulations!  Woot!  I am just behind you.  I celebrated 3 weeks on Friday, so I will be 4 weeks on Christmas day and officially a month 2 days after Christmas.  That is an amazing accomplishment.  Be proud!


From: Vickie106


Thanks, I’m hoping now that I have a month behind me I won’t be so fixated on counting the days(hours, minutes).  blush  I know the next few days are going to be a challenge as my family is still trying to figure out a safe way to gather for Christmas.  

Anyway, congratulations to you too!  Glad we’re still hanging in there, as several seem to have dropped off.  Hope they try again.