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New to the forum, but willing stop cigarette smoking    Quit Support

Started Nov-15 by Tulipsydaisy; 614 views.

From: Tulipsydaisy


Hi everyone, my name is Loretta and I just joined the forum. I have smoked for 10 years now but I have always been willing to stop. Unfortunately, it's a lot harder to quit cigarette smoking on my own,ever since the first time quitting was made easier by the help of a true friend. I would like to have a bit of support from this forum as I am ready to end this smoking for good! So any comments, words of encouragements would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance everyone, Loretta. 

Welcome Loretta. Quitting this wicked tough drug addiction along with other quitters really helps keep you engaged in your quit. I know I couldn't keep going without this support and words of support from others who have are further along in their quits. Believe them when they say it takes determination to outwit those craves. The 3 D's :: Do lots of Deep breathing every time a crave hits and be proud to get through each crave. Also stay Distracted by keeping busy to change your focus on something else. Drink lots of water when craves hit as we get very dehydrated due to many things like anxiousnes, exercise, staying distracted etc.

You will feel tired as the days pass because the stimulant drug nicotine is being weaned off and your brain is starting to rewire. Your brain needs lots of quit time to rewire and fix our bodies.

We get Brain Fog where we just seem unfocused and unable to get good sleep. We are tired but just can't sleep. So rest whenever you can. Also many of us got constipated as again the stimulant drug no longer affects our intestinal tract. I also had to cut back on my coffee consumption as it worsened my acidy stomach.  I found my stomach ached and I had hyper acidity so I had to take tums quite often. I had that ache in my stomach right up to when my nicotine receptors totally shut down around 14 months. These receptors are in our brain and body and will shut down as long as we just don't smoke.

Feeling lousy for the first months is totally normal. Some people have easier quits than others and they may have less nicotine receptors than others but just stay knowledgable and focused on ending your drug addiction. Read everything on this forum including the quit stories and journals folder as past successful quitters wrote how they felt as each month passed and it gives you an idea of how to stay on track. (Mine is Deb's Quit Story).

This is the best present you could ever give yourself and it will empower you in ways you never thought it could. So read, post, support others, whine, complain but Just Don't Smoke as smoking is no longer an option and nothing or no one can ever make you smoke again.

You stay in charge, you stay in control and tell that nicotine monster to aahh shut up just like Bugs Bunny tells Yosemite Sam as he stomps and screams at you to smoke. In the beginning that voice of addiction yells and screams but as the months go by it sends tender pleas and gently tries to lure you back by saying of course you can have just one. It is wicked sneaky so be aware of craves that come out of nowhere. You can do this too! Good luck.blush

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: TinyBadger


Debbie is so inspiring and knowledgeable, I can't really top her. I will say that you can do this. You really can. There are tips and tricks here that you can read about that are super helpful. Most people here agree that sipping ice water through a straw is incredibly helpful. Going for a walk, doing a puzzle, or posting here can get you through. Just post an sos when you want to smoke and we can talk with you. I've done it a lot and the people here are great. You are going to get through this and kick this addiction to the curb! We've got your back and if you need anything, just holler. You've got this!

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GI_JOE (JoelJose)

From: GI_JOE (JoelJose)


Hi Loretta, thats a real good name for some reasons.Debbie and Tiny are true gems. I came here in this forum just like you  and their support is always very precious and invaluable for me. I have a true friend here and her name is Lore and i call her Lorie.She is a great warrior and a very powerful quit guru. She will definitely come here in coming days to assist you and give you mental support and pointers for a successful quit. The support and education that you get from here is invaluable. Believe me, after a month, its going to be easy. Quitting is easy and staying quit is the hardest part. So always let your armour on and  teach your mind that smoking is not an option for you anymore. We would gladly invite you to join us and take the NOPE pledge(Not One Puff Ever). Try reading Allan Cars book Easy way to quit smoking. It will help you develop a quit mindset and just dont rely on the book alone.Always be determined and never let in yourselves for a smoke. There is nothing like an easy quit. Quitting is hard but yes, but its not impossible either. Everything is possible if we have a strong will to achieve them. No worries Loretta, you can make it. I am sure you will.


From: Jaka38


Hi. I think you got quite a few words of encouragement. You're determined to do it which is the most important first step. Read as much as possible and post regularly at a beginning of your quit. Being engaged here makes all the difference. Believe me, I had msny unsuccessful quits before but this one seems different from the very beginning. Good luck and remember you are doing something really precious for yourself and people around you. 

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GI_JOE (JoelJose)

From: GI_JOE (JoelJose)


Yes Jaka. For me too. Its different from the very begining. I hope you have a great day.


From: gkim


So well said, Debbie! Loretta, I’m on day 13. I’ve smoked almost twenty years before this quit. It’s not easy as you may know but it’s definitely worth it our bodies deserve it. Don’t let smoke trick you to thinking you can’t do it. You can!!

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From: Tulipsydaisy


Thank you Debbie, I will try hardest to beat it. Your words are encouraging. I will do my best to stop. I'm still struggling along...no fun. I'm trying to cut back so I hope I am going in the right direction. How did you do it, personally?? What actually was your push cos I would like to know. Well done, hmmm I wonder what will make me stop, I'm still trying to find my make and push. Funny to say this but when I go back to smoking, I find that it tastes good and then I think everything is fine. Sorry to say, I don't know whether it's good or not but I don't want to stay too long to stop, incase it's a bad thing and a problem, you know? 


From: Tulipsydaisy


Thank you for those words. Have you quitted and how did you help yourself?? Thanks for your comments and they are always welcomed, 

Loretta :-)