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New-Day 5   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Nov-24 by clea20; 229 views.

From: clea20



Day 5 of my first “real” attempt to quit smoking. I’ve been smoking since I was 13...49 now. Coming off of quarantine, due to having Covid, with pneumonia. Feeling good, yet still have the strong urges of “just one hit,” will make things better. I know one would lead to two, and so on. Never do I ever want to start all over again. Today the urges have started to lessen. I am using the patch, and plan on following through, with the weeks/strengths recommended.

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From: Vickie106


Hi and congratulations!  I’m on day 6 and unfortunately it’s not my first attempt.  Also using the patch with an occasional nicotine gum to deal with the really tough cravings.  If you want, there’s also a thread for other November warriors. relaxed

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From: strong1977


Hey there! I am glad that your okay, this pandemic totally sucks and it's extremely scary for sure, but your getting thru this and i am glad to hear this. you are doing well with your quit, day five is good, your going to get thru this just like you did with Covid, really  though smoking is a mind over matter, if your not thinking of smoking then you won't smoke but if your wanting to give in them you will...you can do this. I am someone who has nine years in without smoking it's a never ending battle for sure, but i am so thankful that my husband and i stopped smoking 

keep going you got this!



From: clea20


Congrats on your 9 years, and Thanks