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Thanksgiving 2020   Health Support and Encouragement

Started Nov-26 by Kittyarnold; 226 views.

From: Kittyarnold


I have been sitting here contemplating the holiday and what I am thinking I need to express.....Aside from the fact that this is a not "normal" holiday but for me it is more then that.....I used to be in "charge"....I would not have been sitting here on the computer years ago....I would have been basting the big turkey.. and peeling the potatoes etc....I used to have all of our kids and grands for Thanksgiving dinner (5 kids and 8 grands....then we gave up being in CT for the holidays and stayed at our Sanibel home....but while there we cooked for many neighbors who like us weren't with family....that got up to 16 people.  then we gave that up.....now our older daughter has taken the job on and has had up to 35 people....Now that I am older I don't even get asked to contribute a pie .....while it is great to not feel any pressure it is also such a change that it is an emotional dilemma for me to learn to deal with. On the other hand I am so grateful and thankful that the loving family is close altho we can't hug each other and sometimes only see each other from a distance how could I not remind myself that I am grateful that we have and love each other...hope your smoke free day is a very happy one for all of you....


From: Vickie106


Happy Thanksgiving to you, Kitty.  This has been a difficult year for so many of us and I too am grateful for my family.


From: Eve1973


Well said Kitty, today is hard day for me pandemic or no pandemic. My brother was my got to for Thanksgiving and it was always a fun day. He passed away from lung cancer at the age of 43 a little over 10 years ago and I still think about and grateful for those holidays. My Thanksgiving days have been different every year, and for the last 3 years we have been traveling to MD to have at the BFs brothers house. I finally got used to it and felt part of the family. And wham we cant go! So yes this Thanksgiving will be tough, but be thankful for your memories and know that it can happen again and everyone can share what they did the 2020 year and be grateful you are together! Hugs and encouragement. You will persevere! If you have become Smomber you can DO ANYTHING!


From: Loreficent


Hi Kitty,

Did your day go ok? 
Life transitions are a challenge at times. I think as we get older it is hard to give up some things that we always found gratifying that we did for others. It can have a way of making us feel not as “useful”. It’s also a transition to be in front of the computer like we are at times too I think for folks over 40. We just didn’t grow up with this stuff. But transition doesn’t mean end, just a new chapter. I hope you find some joy and fulfillment knowing how much light and hope you bring to us here. Not the same as being with your family, I know. But definitely your presence is something that others note and find helpful! There is a lot of meaning in that. So perhaps knowing that can ease the emotional adjustment of some other things a little as you are on a new chapter in your life. blush

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From: Kittyarnold


The day did go okay and the sun came out brightly about mid morning......daughter had us over at 3 and dinner was delicious with pecan, apple and pumpkin pie.....I got out of the down side of the emotional drop....thanks for thinking of me....I will be okay now....