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JANUARY 4th Nope Pledge    General Chit-Chat

Started Jan-4 by Eve1973; 187 views.

From: Eve1973


  Good Morning Nopers!

    It’s 4days into the new year, and we are staying strong, hopefully and I’m being optimistic about this, the pandemic will be under control by September. If so get all those projects and clean outs done now (keeps you busy) then dream about what you are going to spend the money on that you saved. I saw a sign the other day at store $9.01 was sales price for Newport. Holy ! Crazy. Anyway this is a terrible habit, not just for your health but your wallet too!

   So if you are just starting your quit, had a relapse, or you are into the journey for a while, take my hand and SCREAM NOPE! You can do this......yes it’s a mind game......but it can be done, we are definitely stronger together! 

  Have a smoke free day.......with coffee! Lol


From: euknight


Hi Eve, Stopping in to say NOPE before I get back to visitors.  Had a huge bonfire last night....too fun.  Nephews and bro sure are handy when it comes to clearing!!  Actually...that was enough smoke for me.  Having a cig passed thru my mind but did not stay.  It is nice.

Praying firm resolve for all in 2021 to leave the cigs behind for good.  Let freedom ring!!  Hugs to all.  Who will take my hand?




From: TinyBadger


I'll take your hand and pledge nope today. Anyone want to join us?