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108 Days - There's Hope For Everyone   Quit Support

Started Jan-14 by StruggleHard; 1048 views.
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From: overdoze


Hi there i feel you on romanticizing cigarettes, i have had that feeling before and its annoying to want to quit and then have those thoughts. Thankfully this time it hasn't happened well at least yet, except one night about a week ago i was at a bar and had a couple drinks and out of nowhere i wanted a cig, just like that and craving was so intense im like im gonna smoke, thankfully no-one smoked where i was at, but alcohol is a big trigger for me, thats how i lost a 2 year quit before, so keeping my guard up with that. 

Overdoz quit 01-04-2021


From: gkim


In my head some things go go hand in hand so the first week or so I had to give to coffee. It was such a trigger for me. Maybe hold off drinking alcohol until you’re stronger?

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From: overdoze


yes that is a good suggestion, alcohol and attractive females is big trigger for me, hate to admit it. but without alcohol, i think i can take the attractive female as long as she doesnt smoke, its so hard..


From: gkim


Oh in that case we better never meet. Lol. 


From: Jaka38



You're so funny and of course I remember your struggle since we were almost twins in that matter. I'm so happy for you making so far. I remember also how you were not really satisfied with your attitude at a beginning for being, don't remember exactly, not too motivational. But who cares, at least it got you where you're now. That's all that matters. I also have more intense cravings lately but as you said, they will pass. So I guess we're going for a next trophy which is 6 months? joy


From: abrewster14


I’m 47 days in after 20 years of half a pack to a pack habit. This is exactly how I feel. Thank you for the support. This describes exactly what I’m going through but I’m not going to give up all days that I have managed not to smoke especially when I know smoking one will only lead to smoking more cigs and damage my health and provide me nothing but disappointment at having lost my quit. Additionally I can’t imagine starting back at day 1 again unable to imagine not smoking for a month and 15 days 


From: StruggleHard


You're over 50 days, congratulations! I'm glad you found this helpful. I've taken more than I've given back on this board, so glad to have helped in any small way. 

Keep going! Somehow I'm at 146 days now. I'd like to say I'm footloose and fancy free, but I'm not. I am, however marginally, better than I was so I just hang on to that and have to believe I just build on that. 

You're doing great, hope you keep it up and that it gets better for you soon!