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Need some help urgently    Quit Support

Started Jan-15 by Crisso; 296 views.

From: Crisso


Hey guys I just came across this website and forum as I am in need of urgent help. I quit smoking cigarettes 7 months ago and I’ve been ok up until now, for some reason now I am getting intense cravings to smoke. Does anyone have any pointers or anything to help me out? I just miss the feeling of relaxation and lately I’ve been feeling like life is short why not enjoy it but I’m not 100% sure I want to start again. Cheers in advance. 

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Hi I'm over 7 years quit with the help of this forum. Read everything! Also join in the January group to get ongoing long term support so others can post directly to you. 

There is no magic to staying quit. We all had that Missing Something Feeling and ongoing anxiety that definitely will fade away. It took me 14 months till I felt the freedom and my nerves calmed down. I smoked for over 44 years and believe me it takes a full year or more till you feel free. Once you reach 2 years quit you have an 80% chance of remaining quit for life but we all are drug addicts and all it takes is Just One to awaken those nicotine receptors. 

Stay busy and distracted, go out and exercise or go for a walk, drink lots of water and do lots of deep breathing to expand those lungs. Many of us gain weight with the quit but don't worry as you will be empowered once you get free of cigarettes and then you'll have the strength to tackle weight loss. Learning new behaviors takes time and commitment so make these weird Covid times your quest for health and a better future no longer hooked on cigarettes.

Great one liners:: Not One Puff Ever. One leads to thousands more. Get off the hamster wheel of Addiction. I'm in charge not those poisonous cigarettes. You may want one but you don't need one. I refuse to lose!!

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013

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From: overdoze


Yeah it could be stress.. Stress responding to emails, and texts constantly. I am quit about 10 days now and last night these guys were buying me shots of tequila, and a combination of other things, i started to crave cigarettes like crazy, out of nowhere. Im lucky none smoked.. Anyhow i took a weekend trip to get away, and am convinced that a pain that i had in my neck is cause of stress, one day in sunshine and the world seems good again. 

Maybe its the seasonal effect also, i remember once that i had been quit for 5 months and then spring rolled around and i was craving like crazy, i would do everything you can not to smoke.. its not worth it. Praying or meditation can help a lot.

Have a nice day.

Overdoz quit 1-5-2021