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Relapsed after 6 months of quitting   Quit Support

Started Jan-18 by ThisIsIt2020; 374 views.

From: ThisIsIt2020


Hi everyone, hope your journey's going better than mine. I stayed quit for a little over 6 months (May to November 2020). Then, my father took seriously ill. There was no help available, watching him in pain really stressed the hell out of me, Covid panic overwhelmed me, days became increasingly stressful and the nights increasingly sleepless. And I relapsed (not sure that's the word, but you get what I mean!).

What started with purchasing a 10's pack (which I thought will last "just 2-3 days"), has continued till date. While I was buying that pack, I recall telling myself - "It's okay, it's for a few days, you know how to stop". I believed I knew how to manage & overcome withdrawal symptoms, since I'd quit smoking for 6 months straight. 

I was wrong. Today, I'm back to the frequency I was at, the day I quit (1.5 to 2 sticks a day).

I'm unable to break the cycle and am running out of ideas. What would you'll suggest?

Stay quit, stay safe...


Always be kind to yourself! Sorry to hear your father is dealing with health issues and you are a great daughter to help him. You are dealing with a lot of stress right now and being a drug addict tops it off. Nonsmokers have to deal with stress but they don't grab cigarettes to calm down only us Smokers do that. To be a successful quitter change your mindset to I will not smoke ever again because it's just not worth it and I'm poisoning my body. 

Quitting is a mind game those nicotine receptors throughout our body must all shut down and it takes a year or more till they do. Thoughts are not commands and you choose to light up in those wibbly wobbly times. I punched pillows, did jumping jacks, I went outside for a quick walk all to put my mind in a different state of mind in those moments of weakness. We all find this So Long and So Slow but that it what it takes - lots of quit time so those receptors shut down. 

So, you know the process, icky 3's - first 3 days, Hell Week, Heck Week, HoHum 3rd tired week and on to the 3rd full month then some receptors shut down where we may feel a type of peace in the quit. Then month by month slowly letting those mentally draining thoughts of smoking take a hike. I used to get headaches right before some nicotine receptors were going to shut down and once I reached 14 months quit everything faded away and I felt free.

So, keep going no matter what crap you have to deal with. There is no easy way other than Just Don't Smoke! Reaching freedom is so worth the battle of that entire whole year. Best of luck! relaxed

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: gkim


I’m sorry to hear about your father. I know what that’s like. I went through watching my dad in the hospital for three months but at least I had my sister with me. 
I know it’s so irrational but we do believe the smoking helps us we hen we are stressed. It does not (I’ve been told by my doctor). 
what’s done is done so you will need to pick u yourself back up and go again. 6 months is a huge accomplishment! You did it and you can do it again. You know all the reasons why you must quit! You can do it! Do it!


From: ThisIsIt2020


Thanks much, Debbie. Those receptors are really slow to shut down :-(. What you point out about non-smokers having to deal with similar situations (yet not reaching for addictive substances) hits hard. Maybe the more I visualize myself as a non-smoker, the faster I'll become one! Thanks for taking time out!

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From: ThisIsIt2020


Wonder how I did, now that I look back at it. Thanks much, for taking time out!