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Day 1   Quit Support

Started Jan-23 by Taie; 356 views.

From: Taie


Hi everyone,

I am 26 years old and have been smoking for the past two years with the first year being a little casual then worsening by last year as I would panick and eagerly wait for morning on days I didn't manage to buy any cigarettes before cuphew.....I have since then done far worse and shameful things to get my hands on a pack. I have tried to quit severally beginning late last year without any success..... I am currently away from the city and in the country with my folks where I find myself thinking about them all the time, occasionally taking my dad's stash (he does not know I smoke) and I get very excited every time I go into town because it's the first thing I purchase. I come from a very conservative and patriarchal family and when my mother found out that I smoke, about a week ago.... she was very disappointed and appalled as my dad has recently developed smoking-related complications and is undergoing treatment. This was sort of a reality check for me. 

I am starting to get continuous bad coughs, I know all the restaurants with/without smoking zones and even amongst seasoned smokers, I go through a packet at a very alarming rate.  I am really scared for my health and mental state which is why I am motivated to start my journey. 

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From: gkim


Hi Taie! Welcome. You should take some time and read the information here as well as other people’s stories. People who have smoked over 40 years plus managed to quit successfully. You are ahead of the game with two years. I’m not saying it will be easy because nicotine addiction is real and difficult to stop but it’s definitely doable! Please stop before it leaves permanent damages to your organs. Educate yourself and if you put your mind to it you can kick this awful addiction!’

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From: Taie


Thank you for the encouragement Gkim! I will definitely do that.

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From: Jaka38


Yes, you should do what gkim told you. Definitely. But don't let the fear decide for you. You need to make this decision for you. Sometimes it wears off if it's based on fear only. I guess we are too frightened of the consequences and don't need anything extra. I smoked for 20 years and you should know 2 years is great time to qui. It will be as difficult as any time later and there is none permanent damage being done so far. So just do it and most importantly post frequently about it at a beginning. For me personally this forum was life changing and saving joy

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From: Glammy2016


Hello Im so glad your here you have taken a really great first step by coming here. We can do this with the help and support of one another.