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psychological cravings   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Jan-30 by MJoe79; 2004 views.

From: Loreficent


Hey Jaka...

How is everything going? Not much new here. Same degrees outside as you but you have more sun. You must be doing good to have the skies smiling on you! wink

So, yeah...psychological cravings are still a thing, but fleeting and mostly small. For smoking anyways. Bigger cravings to travel. Maybe this year, maybe not. Like lots of things! joy

Hope the same for you that all is well. blush


From: Jaka38


Hi Lore. I've been off lately. Lots of things but don't want to bother with that. Cravings still comes in a form of slight wish or thinking how great would it be. Yesterday we had situation with water. People in lower apartment had water everywhere. It was something with the main pipe. Nevertheless what I interesting in mids of this chaotic situation was the smell from Lower apartment coming  in our toilet since hole was open for expectation. It was cigarette smoke since those people obvious smoke inside and it was really disgusting. Even before I almost never smoked inside, perhaps when I was a student. It's really something I don't miss at all. Very grateful for that

Mercy (mercy164)

From: Mercy (mercy164)


I found this topic interesting because I think it is the one that does me in when I have failed on previous quits. I get in my head and the outcome is always bad. I come up with crazy ideas for why I can just smoke one or why a smoke will help. I have such a destructive mind. I have this addiction in my mind that makes up thoughts and they sound real. I believe them because it is my mind. I have to train myself every day to recognize those messages slipped in by my addiction and not listen to them. My disease wants to kill me and I have spent too much time listening. This is where my psychological cravings get me and how I plan to get out.


11 days


From: Anne2020


Picture the CRACK ADDICT.  She just wants one more hit.  Just one.

The smoking addiction is no different than the CRACK addiction.  Alcoholism - same thing.  Just one more.

One is too many and there will never be enough. 

You just have to get your body past the first few days and then, in your mind's eye, picture the CRACK Addict.  

That's what helped and still helps me.   

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Mercy (mercy164)

From: Mercy (mercy164)


It is quite easy for me to picture... : )


From: Anne2020


I know right - and anytime I loose sight, I just google it and I get refreshed on what I am leaving behind.  Makes it so much easier to not pick up a smoke when I look at it this way.   No romance about it.  The veil is gone and can't be replaced.  - My secret weapon-



From: CindiS319


I would do the same thing and it really helped me too.  That was the thing that made my last quit so different from the others...I recognized it as an addiction and pictured it like crack or heroine.  Even many months in, some things would kick off those psychological triggers and they were just as bad as the physical ones (maybe worse).  Deep breathing helped me through a lot of those.  Arm yourself and ride it through.


From: Anne2020


Agreed - this is a lifelong addiction not to be taken lightly. 

Cheers on your 3 years free!