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February 2021 Ex-Smokers - Start Here!   Quit Buddies Unite

Started Jan-31 by Terry (abquitsmking); 33314 views.

From: Suzy2018


I really did find good there Lore, and thank you.  I've definitely been beating myself up about the past and worrying about the future, and it really is lovely and calming to realise that today - no matter how long ago we quit - really IS a full and complete victory.  I don't need to wait to be a non-smoker - I already am.

I don't know much about runes - please tell me more if you can?   As for Tarot, what was it that scared you?   I'm really hope this doesn't seem like an interrogation, but I'm really interested in all of this!  My mum used to read tea leaves, but stopped because it scared her - I was young at the time and she never explained why.  She also used to rescue injured birds and nurse them in the bathroom with warm milk and a drop of brandy in a teaspoon.   At the time this all seemed quite normal, but I very much doubt that the RSPB recommends brandy for birds, even in moderation?!  She did, though, save quite a few - including a crow, I'm only just remembering now!  Maybe he or she was the great-great-great etc grandparent of Stone - a fanciful thought, I know, but a lovely one all the same.   

You're right about staying present.  It's the simplest thing to do, and the hardest too.   I found it so much easier when I had a dog - he was a gorgeous border collie called Chester, and just watching him sniffing around and not worrying about anything at all was the best therapy ever.  He's been gone 13 years now, and I really want a dog again - it's difficult, though, because we move around a lot for work.  One day, though, we WILL have a whippet called Wodney.   He may vewy well be a wescue whippet - I hope so - and I will take him wunning even when it's waining (Mike and I almost have speech impediments now, so weal is dear Wodders)

But I am rambling! Thanks for being there, Lore, and I hope you've had a good day too.



From: Loreficent


Hello Suzy

I am hysterics reading this, thank you! joy

About to run out to the store as I’m making something for dinner that has many names, one of which is “toad in a hole” and it requires bread and I’ve just discovered I have only one small crust! scream I will reply properly later this evening though.

You are up late! Are you a night owl? I most certainly am...I guarantee this today as I just woke from a nap. Oh boy! Thank goodness for Netflix! 

More soon! 


From: Suzy2018


Dear Katie,

No need for blushes - you are everything Lore and I said and more, and you have helped me so much.

Thanks too for the understanding of what things might be like from my son's point of view.  He's been very upset this evening. I think he's frightened of having some kind of verdict delivered from on high, by someone who doesn't really know him and has only spent an hour or so going through a tick-box exercise - who wouldn't be scared of that?   And you're right, difficult feelings are stirred up and there's nowhere for them to go.   I do feel that he's really vulnerable at the moment and I have no idea what I can do to help, apart from remind him that he is really loved - which I have and he is. 

He's also just started EMDR therapy, and the early sessions seem to be all about going over what's wrong rather than starting to address it. I am definitely finding this difficult.  I might be a bit emotional sometimes, but I'm really quite practical too.  I'm used to being able to fix everything, pretty much, and the idea - or maybe the reality - that I might not be able to fix this, the most important thing in my life - is really, really hard.  Mike is amazed I'm not smoking, and frankly so am I.  But for the first time ever, I really don't believe it would help. I think that's probably progress.

The boat is called Seahorse, and needs LOADS doing. Mike is as happy as a pig in the proverbial, and the postman is starting to worry about me - "he's been on Ebay again then".

Thanks Katie. 




From: Loreficent


Good evening Suzy,

Your evening, my morning still. So...it’s funny to think about, time differences. It’s the same moment for each of us but yet by the clock we are hours apart. Not sure why my mind wanders to these odd things!joy

Im so sorry about all of the stress with your son. Poor fella. I bet he is overwhelmed by it all. The way you spoke to him meeting with someone for an hour or so and them summing him up and placing a label of sorts in that small time when they don’t really know him. Maybe Katie put it that way. Anyway...I’ve been thinking about this and it weighs heavy on my heart in ways. I think we have to have some level of trust in Mental Health professionals the same we do the ones who deal with our physical health. It’s so much harder to do though as the physical body is so tangible really, so unlike our psyches. I wish I had some kind words that would soothe you and your son. Take heart as much as you can that you both are taking steps to define health for him. Ultimately, you both will come through this space with such a deeper understanding of each other. Still....our children’s pain is our own. My heart is with you for what little comfort that can bring, I do hope it brings some. I’m very happy you found your way back here as this is very good for you to have this space of support as it is for all of us. We all grow from being there for each other and this space makes the world kinder. 
So, your Mum. (I love that by the way, Mum. Seems softer than our Mom for some reason). Did you ever ask her why the Bourbon (or was it whiskey?) for the birds? And some thrived, eh? Interesting. I’ve raised a fair amount of wildlife over the years too. It seems injured things and my path cross a fair amount. I’ve never used alcohol. I did learn that rabbits are about the only creature that will actually die of fright, which I thought was interesting. Your Crow friend is interesting too. I had one of those a couple of years ago that used to keep me company while I gardened. I got him onto dry cat food. Figured it was mostly dried meat and grain so not so bad considering they eat carrion. Anyway, after some time, he brought me a gift; a dead mouse. I wrote about it in another thread some time back. Now I wonder, was it a gift or was he thinking I’d help it somehow? Hmmm. I do love Crows. We have Ravens here too, which are larger and a bit different, more solitary and don’t gather in a murder. I’m always curious about the wildlife in other places and will read about what you have there. Foxes, I know. Do you have Coyotes? We have plenty of urbanized Coyotes. I see them on walks at night. Pretty little things they are, quite skittish of people which to me makes them very wise indeed! 
Ok...no clue how I got onto all that as I meant to write about Runes. joy I don’t put too much stock into these things, but Runes fascinate me because of their history. I don’t know what I’m doing with them mostly and I think it takes some time to learn. Most of this knowledge I believe to be in all of us, deep in there. Our world makes it challenging to tune into most of the time, but we all have inherent wisdom. Most fascinating to me of all is human’s seemingly inherent need to see or know the future. Why do you suppose this is so ingrained across cultures? A dear friend of mine is into Tarot. You asked why some cards frighten me. Well, frankly, the pictures look scary on some! But I’m fearful of any kind of foreboding thing. I think it brings cause for us to bring things to fruition that may not have been, maybe. I guess it could work the other way as well and perhaps give the chance to avoid tragedy too. But where does that leave the moment I’m in? Hmmm. 
I think the thing I miss at times with smoking was how my mind would get all carried off on tangents while I snuck off alone, escaping behind the veil. I’m finding though that it is still capable and I can still escape by myself and allow it to wander in more healthy ways. Strangely, it seems to wander and fly more freely now without the smoke. This could be a very dangerous thing, lol! It was bad before! Oh boy. Ok have written much natter ado about nothing and still not given much reply on Runes. joy I’m just very intrigued by most things considered Pagan I guess. There is perhaps a lot we don’t know about Earth’s energy. It doesn’t scare me like it does some folks and I find great beauty in man being small specks in the great scheme. Ok. I gotta stop. Getting way off track so far that I don’t even know where I am,haha! Must mean it is time to walk and clear my head! 
Hang on in there today. Embrace your recovery with peace and know you have more strength than you will ever know.

Talk soon! 


From: KatieKat84


Hi Suzy,

How has your day been?

It’s so brilliant you’re staying a non-smoker despite lots of stress triggers. It’s definitely progress and shows how committed you are to your quit that you’re not looking for an excuse to smoke. Smoking really would not help and would only bring you down - but you know that! ;)

I can only imagine how difficult it must be to see your son having a hard time and like you’re helpless to ‘fix’ everything. But I’m sure you’re making a huge difference just being there for him and supporting him to engage with therapy.

I don’t know much about EMDR therapy but I think it’s got a pretty good evidence base that it’s effective hasn’t it? I really hope it will be helpful for your son. There’s often that initial hump to get over when you start a new therapy before it begins to give something back. And as much as I like the reassurance of evidence-based approaches, within that there’s so much to do with finding what works for yourself as an individual. I’m rambling a bit but what I’m getting as is mental health is a really tough one and I really sympathise with your son and with you. Have faith that things can change.

Today is my birthday and I’ve had a lovely low key day. My daughter was at nursery and my husband and I had the day off work and chilled out together. I’ve had a couple of outdoor chats with friends, plenty of cake and now watching snooker :)

My profile pic on here was taken on my birthday three weeks into my quit 4 years ago. I went walking and swimming in Dover - I remember feeling glad I wasn’t having to struggle with lighting cigarettes in the wind!

Your boat sounds like a fun project. Seahorse is a lovely name - and really quite logical for a boat! When will you be taking to the high seas?

Hope you’ve had a good day Suzy.


4th March 2017


From: Suzy2018


Hi Lore,

Thanks for your lovely message.  You're right - mental health problems are so much harder than physical ones.  There's no roadmap for recovery like there is if you break your leg or something.  But he is much calmer tonight and I'm very grateful for that.

I never asked my mum why she put brandy in the milk, but I imagine it was either to help the birds relax, or perhaps because she thought it had healing or antibacterial properties.  It could also have been a case of 'a drop for the birdy, a swig for me' - I have no idea, but that's certainly not impossible relaxed

I hope your crow friend brought you the mouse as a gift rather than thinking you might be able to revive it.  I'm sure you're very good at saving injured animals, but there are limits!   There's quite a lot of anecdotal evidence of crows bringing presents to people who feed them - if you Google Crows Bring Gifts To 8-Year-Old Girl there's a really nice story there.   

Don't worry about your mind wandering off on tangents - it's a lovely thing, and great that you can still do it without the cigarettes.    I miss the 'alone time' of smoking - just that little break from a place or people that cigarettes were the perfect excuse for.   "I'm just popping out for a cigarette" seems more polite than "I need a break from you so I'm going outside for five minutes".   But once I find a diplomatic way of saying it, there's no reason I can't get time alone without cigarettes.  

Hope you had a nice walk, and thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness.  



From: Suzy2018


Happy birthday Katie - it sounds as if you had a really nice relaxing day.

I spent almost all of it in bed!  I was just really, really tired and I think it did me a lot of good (although it was a challenge not to beat myself up about being lazy and missing a beautiful sunny day).   It made it easy not to smoke though, and that's another day under my belt.

Thanks for the kind words re my son, and I really am trying to keep faith that things can change. Setbacks do really seem to knock me, though - I think because I am hoping so hard.  Still, at least he is currently engaging with therapy, and he is certainly better tonight than he was last - we had a really nice, calm conversation and I think we both feel on much more of an even keel.

Yes, lighting cigarettes in the wind, burning your fingers, burning little holes in your clothes - nothing to miss there!  One other benefit that I always think about when I type is that I no longer have lots of ash all over my keyboard (yes, I used to smoke indoors - horrible).   

It'll be really nice not smoking on the boat too - we had a canal boat a few years ago, and used an old mayonnaise jar for an ashtray.  We only used to empty it when it was full, so you can imagine how stinking and disgusting that was.  At the moment the boat is out of the water to make it easier to work on, and because of coronavirus restrictions we're not sure when it can go back in, but hoping for sometime in April.

Thanks for helping, Katie, and talk soon.



From: Jatchat


Happy birthday Katy,

Another year of wisdom added to your experience, Not that you need any extra wisdom you're already wise and wonderful which is evident from the quality of support you give to this forum, thanks for sticking around, many people are so busy with their new lives they forget where it all started. I hope I return the favour if I reach that far.

Have dropped the patch strength back to 14 mg today, we will see how that goes, if it gets to tough I can always go back to the 21's.

Took this photo this morning, I'm quite pleased with it, thought I would share

Take care



From: Nope62


 That was very nice!

  I have always gauged my current quits against my past quits. Making this one last longer than the last one was a success in ways. Not being able to stay quit as long as I did last time was a failure. I never thought about it like this.



From: Loreficent


Hi Nope,

Yes, I got a lot from the excerpt too. I think everyone on here has been down the quit path more than once. We all know that feeling of “failing” and it just never feels very good. It makes it worse when we get up and go at it again to have those thoughts of failures and the fear of failing again hanging over our heads. So I think just going with what we are doing now and staying present and making it day by day and letting the past go and not being afraid of tomorrow is much more grounding and positive. You are doing well. You must be feeling some positive changes now, right? Those little victories add up and become pretty empowering. Keep up the strong work!blush