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February 2021 Ex-Smokers - Start Here!   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/31/21 by Terry (abquitsmking); 33417 views.

From: Jatchat


Thanks Debbie,

Wise words indeed, I have lost 32 Kg or 70 pounds since November 2019, getting ready for a hip replacement in April, I do 10,000 steps /day 5 days out of seven, keeps my mind occupied plus hip exercises and some weights makes all other effort seem worthwhile. I can't go back to smoking not that I want to, I have to cultivate that hate towards cigarettes that will make me not pick up another one. I guess the best way to do that is look at all the terrible effects smoking has on the human body, and compile a list.

Kind regards



From: PeasantINC


quit on 17th Feb 2021. Its start of day 6 for me.

I smoke 17 sticks a day for the last 35 years.

a pack of fags cost USD10. Thats gonna be some significant savings.

Here are the things i'm shocked about

I had no idea the insomnia will be that bad. Its going to affect my work.

I had no idea the cravings are so 'constant' it seems like they don't abate at all. 

Thank you everyone for sharing your struggles, it lets me know what i'm going to be facing next. 


From: gkim


It does get better, PeasantINC. Hang in there. What you’re now going through will be all worth it and it sure beats getting lung cancer or other smoking related diseases. 

Dear Peasant under the Quit Stories & Journals folder I have my Deb's Quit Story and I detail my journey. If you read it you will see the different stages I went through and the progression of my quit. I tackled this addiction like a new educational profession. You need to Be very proud of yourself of taking this nicotine monster head on and tell him to shut up like Bugs Bunny did to Yosemite Sam who was always stomping his feet and yelling up and down just like the nicotine monster.  You can win this battle mind over matter addiction one day at a time. relaxed

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: Jatchat


Hi PeasantINC,

Congratulations on making your decision to quit, you are through the first three days which is crucial to your quit, just keep defeating the the urge to smoke one day at a time. I quit 21st Feb, and am 2 days in, I am King of the Relapsers I have not learnt my lesson yet, this time I am taking it one day at a time. Last night I had the urge but used the inhaler to quell my urge/craving.

Kind regards



From: Anne2020


I hope you are starting to feel a bit better.  It does take quit a lot of will power to get past the first few days/weeks but soon you will find yourself forgetting about smoking.  Maybe for just a few minutes or a few hours - maybe you wake up and don't reach for the smoke like you used to.  But eventually but not long after the first week, a little bit of peace enters your world.  Over time, if you stay away from smoking, that small bit of peaceful time will grow and grow until it has finally taken all of your days, weeks and months.

Drawing cold air through a straw has helped a lot of people to get past those urges.  Deep breathing works well too.  

Keep in touch on this forum - post and read often.  Also very helpful.  Vitamin and Mineral supplements can also take some of the edge off.

Good luck - we are rooting for you all the way!!!


From: Glammy2016


Suzy Q ! It's butirflis September  stompers 2010 then again in 2018 2019 and now.  I'll have 7 weeks mon. It's not how many times we fall It's how we get back up right. Shame kept me away from here for to long. I'm glad to see you I was looking for you for a long time. 


From: Jatchat


Too true, about getting knocked down and getting back up again, I practice that a lot, I have a definite tendency to romance the cigarette, Time to stop that nonsense. Day 3 and marching into day 4.

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From: Suzy2018


Hi everyone, and sorry for not replying individually.   I will do properly when I come back (new quit date planned for Thursday) but I fell off the wagon, felt too embarrassed and pathetic to admit it, and now the day has run away with me and I'm rushing round like a mad thing trying to get ready for work tomorrow - 5am start.

Just in case you were wondering, the cigarettes taste horrible so don't even think about it.  Stay strong, and see you soon.

Suzy x

ModSue (VentasSue)

From: ModSue (VentasSue)


Hi Suzy

Talk about a 'Blast from the Past'.  I just popped in here because it's an age since I've visited the Forum and I need to wish one of Marge's mates and an old-timer from Freedom Marchers 6 years' congratulations for tomorrow.  Wasn't sure whether I would still be accepted but, yes, of course, when has the Forum ever let me down!

Anyway, it's really good to see you here.  You're a silly little madam for thinking that nicotine was still your friend but, seriously, I know how very, very hard it is to completely free ourselves from it's clutches.  Thank goodness you still have the common sense to come here.  I always felt you were one of us 'survivors' and that you would quit.  I still feel you are so keep trying and use the Forum like I did for the first couple of years.  Boy,  I couldn't go a day without checking in and letting off steam.

Now I shall boast - I'm over five years smoke-free now.  I cannot believe how I've changed during those five years and I love the 'new' me.  My confidence and honesty - both with myself and with others - has grown in leaps and bounds.  Hubby had a heck of a job getting used to the way I am now as I tend to always say exactly how I feel and what a want.  Luckily, he's an easy-going bloke and is fine with it now and so pleased I'm a non-smoker like him. Our relationship is good.  

I'm also still great mates with Marge and we email regularly.  It's strange as I've never met her face to face but we are such good buddies.  Also Anita, in London, whom I did meet when we visited from Spain a few years back and, of course, Triff from New Zealand.  Anyway, you may remember what a waffler I am so I'll shut up but pop back in tomorrow to send the aforementioned congrats.

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Nothing is worth smoking for - believe me.   If I can do this - you certainly can.  Lovely to see you here.