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Formerly known as the About.com Smoking Cessation support forum, this community is open to all who are recovering from nicotine addiction.

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Can’t Ever Let Your Guard Down   Quit Support

Started Feb-3 by gkim; 1605 views.

From: abrewster14


I don’t think you are an idiot at all. I’m 9 weeks into my quit. I read the book too and intellectually 100% get it but the thing Is honestly I tried the mad Russian, hypnotist, nrp gum lozenges patches, chantix (I’ve never thrown up more). Every quit Is different but I smoked for 23 years half a pack to a pack a day. I wanted a magic bullet that would make me not want to smoke. The action of not smoking is much easier than not wanting to mentally. I still get these thoughts every day but definitely less than in the beginning. For me I just don’t smoke and I have faith in time I will not want to anymore and I won’t think about it at all. 


From: KatieKat84


You can do it Londiann! The fact that you are quitting and on this forum shows you do not want to smoke. The voice telling you that you do want it is nicotine addiction and nothing more. Yes it’s powerful but trust you have made the right decision to quit and with every passing day, hour that voice will get quieter and quieter - until it leaves you in peace to enjoy the freedom you deserve!


4th March 2017