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Started Feb-10 by Kimathi; 255 views.

From: Kimathi


Hey, I'm new. Last week Monday 1st feb  I fell really sick. Headaches and stomach upsets. At this state I couldn't enjoy smoking despite the cravings. So I laid them off at least till I get better. By the time I got feeling better I realized I had gone 6days without smoke. I haven't touched any since and it's now day 10. I feel stronger daily and the cravings are going away


From: Eve1973


Hi Kim,

 that’s fantastic.......not that you were sick but because you made it 10 days. Since you did this cold turkey, the nicotine is out of your body. So keep going and read around this site. It’s very helpful in knowing what you should expect.

Recently my sister was sick and had gone like 4days without smoking.....her dumb a$$ went back to it, so  happy you were smarter!


From: Kimathi


thanks.. its getting better


From: gkim


It’ll keep getting better. It sounds like you’re young and that means you’re way ahead of the game. Maybe you haven’t yet damaged your organs permanently. My doctor said even one less cigarette is better than one more. One thing to remember though: quitting is really hard. Just because this time around wasn’t hell, it’s not to say next time won’t be either. You were very lucky your body gave you a break and made the quit easier than most. Keep this quit. My first quit was very much like yours then I relapsed. The second quit was nothing like my first and I smoked way too long after that relapse. Anyway, sorry for the lecture. I just don’t want you to make the same mistake. Good luck and stay vigilant!

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From: Kimathi


on the contrary I greatly appreciate. what you call lecture did really motivate me to have this done once. its a pleasure to get to hear it from one of us so I can learn and not take it for granted. again I must confess there has been this feeling of I can smoke maybe a few, with the self believe that I did quit once so I will do it again. That's why I appreciate your "lecture."


From: Loreficent


Please stay the course! 
Here is a link to an article that will inspire you. Your body and mind have already done so much healing! Don’t take that away from yourself by listening to the addict voice in your head tell you “can have just one”. You’ve come too far to start over and GKim is right. Count your blessing that came with your illness and just keep going!



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