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Started Feb-12 by allalyssa; 293 views.

From: allalyssa


Let’s see. I’m 45 and I’ve been smoking since 15. I’ve quit before but always end up smoking again. I’m on day 4 and I have to say it hasn’t been easy. I’ve had some pretty serious cravings. I used to smoke about a pack a day - so almost everything makes me think about smoking. I always have said I love to smoke - but I know that’s my addiction talking. Im also experiencing some pretty nasty mood swings. I’d say I’m teetering between tears/despair and rage. So I’m a good time. Im also not sleeping. Not sure if it’s the smoking or the medication. I’m taking Wellbutrin - which is supposed to help but I’m not sure it is. I just have to get through today. Tomorrow will be day 5. Off to eat a jolly rancher and breath. 


From: Nope62


 Hi! I hope you are having a great day 5!  Here is a link to an post that may help you along during these early days of your quit!


30 years of smoking has really ingrained cigarettes into the fabric of your everyday life. What you are doing now is trying to take control back of your own brain. Give it some more time, your brain will sort it all out. I'll sent you another link, after I find it,  about what is happening to your brain as you go through the quit process! Hang in there!

You can do this!

I found it, https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-brain-plasticity-2794886 . Please read all you can. Knowledge of what is happening to you during the quit process can really help!

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From: gkim


Omg! I ate so many of those jolly ranchers my mouth got sore. I then started sucking on Werthers original hard candy caramel. The best thing ever and it doesn’t hurt my mouth. Not acidic. Yes, hang in there. I started smoking around that time myself. Quit at 33 for 10 years when I had my girls then started again and smoked around twenty years. I now have a little over three months smoke free. I still can’t believe I was able to stop smoking. I know it would have killed me if not put me on an oxygen tank til I died. It really is the best thing we can do for ourselves! Stay with it! You can do it! 

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From: allalyssa


Thank you.