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Starting today   General Chit-Chat

Started Feb-21 by mimi99x; 132 views.

From: mimi99x


Hi, I live with a family of smokers I’m 21 and I’ve been smoking since I was 15 and as I’m realizing the risks that come towards it and the cost I’m quitting today, I’ve began having smokers cough and I hate it, I’m only 21 and life’s already too short and my life will become shorter if I carry on, I’m a closeted smoker and no one I meet but my family have ever known I smoke, I’m greatful for the change I’m making today, wishing you all the best


From: Jatchat


Welcome mimi,

Your wisdom is beyond your years, you wont regret making this decision, the payoff is rewarding. clear lungs, get rid of that cough, renewed energy and vitality.

It took me 40 years to wake up, I am now 71 yrs of age, and spent most of last year quit, curiosity though keeps rearing its ugly head and breaks my quit. I to gave up on the 21st Feb and plan on going the distance. Stay firm and stay strong. are you using any NRT products?

Kind regards



From: gkim


Great choice!! Yes you are smart to know this at a young age. It will get better. Read on this site. Lots of great information. Hang in there!