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Penny is 10 YEARS Smoke Free!   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started Mar-9 by ModAustinPen; 1191 views.

From: ModAustinPen


Well, I NEVER thought that I would see that! In one month I will hit the 10 Year mark. I haven't been on here very much in the past few years - although I do stop by because it does eventually get better. I had a very, very hard quit - well. I guess everyone does but I remember each day of hell and then someday, sometime I began a regular person. This forum gave me the courage and stamina and the FRIENDSHIP to move on every morning.  I would say I could make a day without it for at least three years I know people ask when does it get better. Honestly for me, that took around three years When are you over it, well you are never over it because it is an addiction. Sometimes even now, I am in the store and see those cigarettes behind the counter and think that would be nice. Sometimes, in a stressful moment, I think a cigarette would help. Yet, even now, 10 years, later I remind myself that I am an addict and I will be right back to where I was if I have one. Now, those thought are few and far between but they do float in. I am my proudest when I get to say "No Smoking " section. I am so happy when I don't have to sneak out of an event for acigarette. I love it when I fill out a form that says smoking or not smoking and I can mark Not Smoking. I am happy that I don't have to run back home in the morning to be sure I put my cigarette out. I am in heaven that my clothes and home don't smell like cigaretees. It is great that I don't have to stand outside in the rain trying to have a cigarette. My hair smells clean and my skin is back to normal. Most importantly, I can breathe ...everyday I wake up and I can breathe!!!

Yes, life goes on when you quit and the world gets better - clearer and more exciting. I am here to enjoy every day and every breath - which would not have happened ...Life goes on and it is better and worth every bit of pain quitting causes. To everyone reafding this, YOU CAN DO THIS. I really do you how hard it is, I get it and I will never forget one day of the pain, but do it...do it for you and I promise there will come a day, a week, amonth and even a year when you forget you were a smoker and you will be SMOKE FREE because PENNY IS 10 YEARS SMOKE FREE!



From: nhquitter


Congratulations on a decade of freedom!



From: Eve1973


Thanks for sharing Penny....great story. So I’m glad to know that ONE DAY it will get better! I love hearing people say what they accomplished!

Congratulations 10yrs!

Keep going and never let that junkie thinking!



Congratulations!   Just what I needed to read as I climb back onto the smoke free bandwagon.  I need this forum!

Congratulations Penny 10 full years a whole decade as a quitter is awesome. I followed your lead and countless others on the about.com site and this forum. You will inspire so many new quitters to just keep going one day at a time till they feel the freedom from this wicked tough drug addiction. 

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: Janinelove



Congratulations Penny!

i will my 10 years on March 22 and feel the same way you do!

you must have been part of the Quitness Protection Program.

Donna and I still check in there.

I think you’re in Australia if I remember correctly?

So glad we made 10 years!



From: davidz1965


Congratulations Penny!   So so many compromises we made to keep smoking... the smell, the money $$$, standing in the rain.  Brings back all the reasons why I am so glad I have not had a cigarette in 8 years!

David Z


From: oxanquits


Great and inspiring story. Congratulations tadatadatada

Congratulations on 10 smoke free years, Penny! I haven't been on the forum in a very long time. I , signed in this morning and was so pleased to see a familiar name from 2011. I will have my 10 year anniversary on June 22. It seems like a lifetime ago and I could never had been successful without this forum. Quitting after 43 years of nicotine was terribly hard. I will always remember the support received here from you and all of the great people. I often think of our old friend, Foster/Frank. He helped me through many rough patches, despite all of his struggles. RIP, Frank. Take care of yourself, Penny and Stay Strong!!

Buddy Clyde