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First day without a cigarette    Quit Support

Started Mar-31 by Rafal Koszyk (RafalKoszyk); 546 views.

I’m not really sure what to say... My first day without smoking is literally killing me so I’m digging into all kinds of  support forums to distract myself and read other posts as a relief that there are many other people battling with the same addiction at this  moment...

 I smoked for 25 years , I tried to quit several times before, never lasted more than 2 weeks... I don’t know how it will last this time but I guess as long as I keep trying there is a hope...


From: Suzy2018


Hi Rafal,

There is definitely hope!  I've been quit for just over three weeks and already my lungs are feeing better and my skin is clearer, even after 40+ years of smoking twenty or more a day.

Read everything you can on here - on the menu to the left of this page there's an Introductions/Newcomers Nook folder at the top, and a Quit Smoking Library folder down at the very bottom, and they both have lots of good stuff in them.  Lots of good stuff in between too.

It's helped me to have a list of the reasons I wanted to quit somewhere handy, so I can remind myself of them when I get a craving.  The addiction will tell you anything to get you to light up again, so it's good to have something rational to look at.  The reasons are still good, no matter how much I might want to smoke in any given moment, and your reasons will still be good too.

Good luck - you can do this!



From: Nope62


Welcome! We are glad you are here!

What Suzy2018 said about how to get around the site. She knows!

I will just add some things that I have found helpful in distracting me when I have a craving or the urge to smoke!

Ice water, make an air cigarette out of a straw, hard candy, mints, play a video game on your computer or phone

I've found that just getting up and walking around the house, inside or out helps.

Promise yourself not give in to the craving and smoke until you have posted an SOS here and gotten at least three replies back

The idea is to put some time in between your decision to pick up that cigarette and the time you actually do!

Maybe that time will let you think and make a better decision!

You Can Handle That Nicotine Monster If You Want To!

Good Luck!


From: oxanquits


Hi Rafal, there is hope and there are many people who did it using this forum. Together we can do it!

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From: Nope62


 How is it going today? I hope all is good with your quit!

Take Care!

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It is good still fighting 


From: KatieKat84


Hi Rafal,

Smoking is a horrible and powerful addiction. You can get free, just take it one day at a time and stay close to the forum at the beginning. It gets easier and it’s so worth it.

All the best,


quit 4th March 2017


From: Nope62


That's Great! As Katie said ODAAT.

Try to just relax and let those cravings flow past/over you. Quitting smoking is not a race, it is a journey!

Every time one passes just smile or laugh at it. Knowing that you won!

Hope the rest of your day goes well!


From: MartiJB


Hi Rafael,

I am glad today is going well. Congrats.

Everyone is giving you amazing advice. Just remember we have all been right where you are now. I was there just 11 days ago. Every time you get through a craving you are that much stronger and just feel better about yourself. You can do this!!  


From: boylant22


Hi there!  I just wanted to check in on you and see how your quit is going. If you have made it this far, you are through the worst of the first weeks and I applaud you as it is extremely difficult. I am on day 37 after smoking for 25 years as well. Try to find the balance of realistically knowing what you are up against, but the hope that everyone on this forum has gone through it too. You can truly do it. Not easy by any means, but I will definitely tell you it has been so worth it!