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April 2021 Ex-Smokers - Start Here   Quit Buddies Unite

Started Apr-2 by slowblumer; 4618 views.

From: blackbird912


I hope more people come to this April Ex Smokers thread to introduce themselves. I want and NEED to get to know who you are.  I have 45(+) years under my belt.  I started smoking when I was around 14 or 15.  I have attempted to quit on more occasions imaginable.  I am an addict.  My quits seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Hoping this group’s support is exactly what I need. 
I am a closet smoker.  Nobody but one other person knows that I smoke cigarettes.  I am a master at hiding the smell of tobacco on my breath, clothes, in my car or wherever I can slip away to smoke.  I am not too sure how I have gotten away with my sneaking.  I am not proud of my sneaking.

I am currently working on day 3 of this attempt.  I am not sure but I hope to make this N.O.P.E. a real thing.  All the mental games that goes with smoking, especially when you are sneaky.  I am so tired of not being true to myself.  

As time goes on I know I will share more about me.  In the meantime, I know I need to be here as often as possible for support.  
I am an addict.

I am an addict

i am an addict.

I do not want to smoke one puff ever.

Thank you!  Have a great day!


From: KatieKat84



I’m sure there’ll be some others to join you on your quit journey this month.

I really hope this forum can make all the difference for you. It did for me - I had 3 or 4 failed attempts beforehand. It really helped me to see people on here saying it’s tough for the whole first year really but if you keep going and trust in your decision to quit you can get free and it’s so worth all the hard work. Also what’s the alternative - to remain a smoker and be miserable the rest of your life?

What’s been your longest quit and is there a theme when you relapse?

I’m sorry you’re a closet smoker, that must just add to the stress and misery of it all. Remember it’s not you that is sneaky and deceptive, it’s the nicotine addiction controlling you. So tell old Nic NO!

Stay close to the forum and take it one day at a time.

I wish you the best in your quit!


Quit 4th March 2017


From: overdoze


Yeah i guess it comes down to if you really want to quit, or if its something thats shamed by society or people in general telling you to quit.. but you dont want to.  you gotta want to i believe is the first step, then the battle with the physical and mental take hold. 

But i believe that there are many people that may have never thought about quitting, but in the new world fashion show, i guess smoking is shunned, not really sure.. I mean you have to have a plan in place of what you will be doing cause smoking used to preoccupy a lot of time. I noticed right away that i was sitting in home a lot more, where i was on my porch smoking a lot of the time and the garage. Now i go to the porch but to read or have coffee, and the garage to work on stuff.. 

Its hard, my dad didnt want to quit but was forced to quit, doctors orders, who knows he may be a closet smoker and telling anyone anything. 

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From: Lubbercat


How are you doing this morning?  Did you make it through that major crave yesterday?  

I woke up at 4:30 this morning wanting a smoke really bad.  I just stayed in bed for a while longer and it passed.  I will hit 3 weeks today at 7 PM, although, I did have a slip on Easter Sunday.  So, I am on the 9th day since that slip.........it really has gotten easier even if it has not gone away.  

I have lots of time and energy that I did not have before, even though I still have times when I feel really tired also and in a haze.  

Just keep on keeping on with NOPE.......it will get you there.


From: blackbird912


Thank you for reaching out.  I did survive yesterday!!  
 Congratulations on your 9th day being smoke free!  Yup, slip ups happen and then quitting again just makes it more difficult.  Sure glad you jumped back in though.  And of course we know not to have one puff ever!  We are addicts.  Addicts can never smoke again.  And not being able to smoke again is a good thing!  Oh how I hope I can get this straight it my brain this time.

keep on going on!  


From: blackbird912


Not smoking does free up time.  I am glad for that!

I hope your dad isn’t a closet smoker.  It gets old hiding and running and not being present because you have to run out to smoke and not smell like a burning cigarette tree when you come back into the house.  


From: overdoze


yeah, well we can only pray that people are healthy. Its hard for older people cause they are retired, lot of hours to fill during the day. He was sleeping too much and i talked to his doctor about that, he may be depressed, i dont know. People we definitely need to find some meaning in life, or else even comforts get old, so smoking or quitting smoking is hard at every age i guess. I think for older adults a little more challenging, i may be wrong.


From: blackbird912


All good points. As in enough meaning in life to want to remain a recovering addict.  I don’t know how old your dad is but I can say that the older you get the harder it is to smoke because of all the ailments that begin creeping in. 


From: Suzy2018


Hi blackbird,

I just lost a six-week quit - now on Day 1 again, and hope I've learned my lesson.  The cigarettes tasted horrible and really weren't worth it, and I'm actually really glad to be back on the wagon.    Thankfully today has been pretty easy (but obviously it's the difficult times we have to watch out for!).    I hope you've had a good day.