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New But Not New At Quitting   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Apr-5 by blackbird912; 1631 views.

From: blackbird912



Hello, I just signed up and as I said I am NOT new to quitting but I have not been very successful.  Now it’s time to understand why I seem to slip so I can smash this addiction.  So here I am, going for it again.  I will share more as I explore this site.  
One question:  this site says it is not secure.  Is that fixable from my end?
thank you.



From: oxanquits


Hi Chris, yeah please look around. Surely you will see that it is completely normal to try and fail many many times. You can also find some clues why is that happening in your case. Hope you stay in touch. April Ex-Smokers thread is still new, but there is already all useful info. I joined in March and was trying to quit for as long as I remember, 25 days now and totally recommend stick to this site.


From: MartiJB


Hi Chris,


Glad you are here.

As ocanquit said the April Ex-smokers thread is a great place to start.  In the first post there is a link for homework.  This is a wonderful resource and some of the articles address reasons why we keep going back to smoking.  Also, just reading through the different threads helps.  

If you need help there are so many people on here who will come alongside you.

As far as the secure site issue...I have no idea.

Rooting for you.



From: oxanquits


Hello Chris, how did it go, the first day? Don’t stop trying and share whatever you feel like.


From: blackbird912


Hi,  thanks for asking.  It did not go too well. I did not know what to say to you all about this and we’ll it was frustrating knowing I did not accomplish getting very far with my quit.  I am starting over and need to decide when.  Because I am a closet smoker, it might be a good idea to relinquish my smokes this weekend when I will surrounded by family.  Nobody in my family knows I smoke.  I know there is never a right time to quit.  A matter of fact, there is only one person I know that knows I smoke.  
please don’t tell me to come clean and tell my family I still smoke.  It’s not going to happen.  And that is one reason I am here to get emotional support.  I am going to need it!  
I am 65 years old and this quitting thing is nothing new to me.  I have no earthly idea how many times I have quit.  There is so much more to say and share.  Please be patient with me.



From: Lubbercat



Nobody should tell you how to handle your family or how to handle your quit.  Everyone here is simply here to give you ideas and support.

That first day of quitting is always very hard and I think there is a "better" time to quit.  I always quit at the beginning of a week cause weekends are my hardest.  So, if weekends are easier for you then you for sure should start on the weekend.  Have lots of ice water, it will help.

Let us know how you are doing.

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From: oxanquits


Hi, glad you responded. I know it's hard to come back here once you smoked and talk about it, it happened to me on my first day too, I smoked on my day 1 :) When I was writing about it and being on my "next Day 1" I didn't believe I would make more than few hours without smoke. Suzy from here supported me saying it's ok to have as many last cigarettes as you need if it will help your quit eventually. The same goes to you.

The fact that no one knows about you smoking can be a positive thing, use it, be around those people more on the first days of your quit. It is much harder when people around you smoke and expect you to smoke. 

The fact that you tried and failed many times before is a great thing too, you know yourself better with every attempt. You know all about smoking and quitting smoking already, it's getting boring, now try to get to know how is it to be smoke-free for as long as you can, become new you.

The one thing which helped me the most was coming here right before I wanted to light up and post or read what others post, I know this helped others too, maybe it can work for you. If I was outside I was thinking that I committed to this forum and it helped sometimes.

I found following series quite helpful to watch on the first few days, as destruction, if you're not a fan of reading: https://www.quittrain.com/topic/4812-tobacco-wars-documentary-episodes-1-2-3 (don't remember who posted it, but thank you raised_hands) They show that it wasn't really your decision to keep smoking in the first place, but you can take back your power by being free from it.

Good luck Chris and don't be frustrated even if you fail, you're always welcome to share. No one here can be 100% sure if this will be the one (quit), so take it one day/hour/minute at a time and enjoy this journey.

I never posted such a long message, sorry for my English, hope it helps a little, I believe you can do it!

One question, what was your longest quit so far?

  • Edited April 8, 2021 11:49 am  by  oxanquits

From: blackbird912


Hi Oxanquits,  my longest quit was the very first time I quit and that was back when I was around 37 years old.  I think I quit for at least 3 years.  My quits have basically gotten shorter and shorter.  Things that have worked were hypnosis, Allen Carr, nicotine patches and gum (but I would never do that route again).  Carr and hypnosis worked the best but the last 2 or 3 times I did Carr didn’t stick, obviously.  I will go cold Turkey because cutting down would never work because I am a closet smoker.  If I can smoke a pack and nobody knows, I will.  If I can only smoke one or two then I adjust.  It’s quite a mental game I play and there is a lot of cheating myself going on along with excuses to go leave the house to light up.  Ugh!  I have had some physical ailments that should and have scared the dickens out of me.  I am also waiting on some test results so I am even more frightened and anxious.  

I will admit, it’s nice having someone care.  It’s a relief opening up and not keeping my life a secret.  I will look at the series you sent during my lunchtime.  Thank you.  I have a feeling I will be writing here a lot initially.  I am going to need a lot of support.