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hey im 17   General Chit-Chat

Started Apr-11 by ghadeer333; 229 views.

From: ghadeer333


hey everyone I'm 17 and I've been trying to quit smoking since it has greatly been affecting my health, any advice? ways to cope with temptations? I'm really trying and for now I've gone a couple days without using. i have an obsessive personality, and I'm an anxious and stressed person, i used to use smoking as a way to cope with all of that, anyway, wish me luck ! 


From: oxanquits


Good luck! Forget that smoking exists, not sure how long you smoked, but since you’re here it is the best time to commit to never smoke again, the earlier the better.


From: ghadeer333


i smoked for 5 years, thanks! will do


From: blackbird912


I have smoked for on and off for 45 years. I have attempted to quit a 100 times.   I started smoking at about 15 years old.  You are young and have so much to enjoy in your life.  How wonderful that you are making an effort to quit.  Everyday tell yourself that you are an addict.  I am an addict.  It isn’t what I want to be but no matter what I will ALWAYS be an addict.  
I am currently in day 3 of this quit.  I think this is the best place to be to get support.  Make sure you read or watch something everyday to help you squash this horrible addiction,  Wuitting isn’t rally all that bad.  It’s staying quit because we let our guard down.  We think we can control our smoking and how can one little cigarette can get us hooked again!  Well, it will.  
let us know how you’re doing.  We can do this together.