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Health scare and quitting   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Apr-13 by legalliane; 2609 views.

From: Suzy2018


Oh bloody hell, Jeff!  First of all, I'm really sorry for the slow reply.  My son isn't well at all and it's been all-consuming - but I'm really touched that you wrote to me.  I don't know what to say, though, except that I have been there before (many times) and know only too well that horrible combination of relief to have stopped fighting alongside disappointment that you've stopped fighting.  It's hard, and it's confusing.  It doesn't make you a bad person though - I really hope you know that - all it says is that you're a nicotine addict, just like the rest of us.  When my sister went through alcohol rehab, she said that the key for her was a seemingly throwaway line from one of the counsellors:  "You're not a bad person trying to get good, you're an ill person trying to get well".  It just takes any shame out of the equation, and we really shouldn't feel ashamed of this; I hope you don't.   

Please come back soon.  You know it makes sense, and people here will be so glad to see you - I know I will.  

Take care, Jeff - you've been a tower of strength to me, and I'd love to have the chance to give some of that back to you.

Suzy x


From: Jatchat


Suzy2018 said: the counsellor said

"You're not a bad person trying to get good, you're an ill person trying to get well".

I find that strangely comforting


From: freetobeunme


Here's my atrocious reasons for quitting list and what I am giving up and getting back. Pros and cons of smoking.

You can see why it's very easy for me to quit now for good!! 

Downside to smoking:

1. Fatigue  caused by lack of oxygen to the body/brain.

2. Brain fog for reasons listed above. Comprehension, concentration, memory, dizziness were all quite impaired which brings me to the next complaint.

3. Anxiety/stress/depression. Experience because of the nicotine itself inducing it but also, because the mental limitations and the frustrations it caused. 

4. Makes exercising 50 times harder (stamina, breathing, strength, motivation and energy is also impaired)....intense muscle soreness afterwards due to lack of oxygen rich blood. General muscle stiffness tightness that is actually NOT due to age or lack of exercise even though it's easy for one to tell themselves that. 

5. Lower immunity. Frequent colds, sore throats or ability to catch flu. Acidic versus alkaline system creating a hotbed for terminal illnesses. 

6. Blurred eyes - I believe due to overall inflammation in the body...inflammation (caused by an acidic system caused by smoking) is irritation which allows the body to break down and create the perfect environment for terminal illnesses and other inflammatory related illnesses. 

7. Sinusitis! Ugh!!

8. Constant muscle tension. Tightness of chest...Always wanted to stretch. I did daily morning deep breathing breath work for 20 minutes, and that would help, but sometimes, especially if I "over smoked" I felt like I was wasn't breathing deeply enough overall to get enough oxygen. 

9. Morning mucus. Mainly clear and not too bad but still, one says, "What the hell?" That's not a good sign. This started in 2019..YUCK!!!

10. UNMOTIVATED! Everything was such a chore and "took it out of me". This was REALLY due to the stress I was carrying around with me from the stress nicotine creates thus causing fatigue. It's sneaky. One THINKS one is stressed because of outside circumstances. Also, I had an anxiety disorder diagnosed 20 years ago. Although I was "cured", whenever I felt a bit anxious and experienced the symptoms listed above,  I blamed it on my disorder flaring it up because if you search for it, you'll see most if not all symptoms I listed above associated with anxiety/depression disorder. IT WASN'T MY DISORDER...IT WAS SMOKING!! See how freakin' sneaky it is?? Obviously, if I was clear my symptoms were smoking related and not anxiety related I would have quit to stop the symptoms, but instead, to calm the anxiety, why not have a smoke to dispel the stress? HAHA!! The stress is CAUSED FROM SMOKING, not the other way around. 

11. Indigestion!! 

12. I couldn't really relax or enjoy anything unless I was "relaxing" with a cigarette and possibly a drink or wayyyy too many (about 2 times a week). UGH. I mean, way too many because the more I imbibed, the more I could blur out the symptoms above...all of which were caused by SMOKING. It's like hitting yourself and feeling the pain but "curing" the pain by hitting yourself harder to the point of numbing the spot one is hitting....until you stop and the numbing wears off and you hurt even more. Never realizing that to stop the pain would be to stop hurting yourself. OMG. Does it get any stupider???? 

The upside to smoking: It is relaxing and provides me and escape from all the stress I am experiencing from the above issues......Funny though. The stress I am running away from is actually caused by my remedy - smoking. RIDICULOUS!!

I bought a tennis racquet and have enlisted my neighbors to play! This is a great way to transfer myself over to a new lifestyle, which is important! Yay!!

Mercy (mercy164)

From: Mercy (mercy164)


Hi Suzy,

I was excited to write you today. How are you? My pain is getting better. I wanted to tell you that I watched 3 episodes of Unstoppable and I love the 4th season as much as the rest. 

Do you have a way to get an American show ? There is a show called Prodigal Son which is one of the few shows I watch from this country. I think you might like it.

I hope your quit is going well. So far so good here.


4 days


From: Suzy2018


I'm glad your pain is easing, and I will look up Prodigal Son - thanks Mercy.   x


From: blackbird912


Glad too and will research Prodigal Son.  Am always looking for a good show.

Mercy (mercy164)

From: Mercy (mercy164)


Hi Suzy,

 How are you doing?  I got to the end of Unforgettable, and I was shocked! I really wish they did not do that. That twist came out of nowhere and now there will not be any more seasons, at least with her. I am still upset a few days later.

  I hope you are doing okay with your quit. I think I have caught a bug. I have a lot of dogs to watch over the weekend and I wish I was feeling better. It is Murphy's law. I get a bunch of dogs every time I get a bug LOL.

Have a good day! 



From: Suzy2018


Hi Mercy,

I know, and I'm sorry I didn't warn you but it would have ruined it even more.  We were also upset - why did they do that?  I can only think that the actress had had enough, but even so it was very shocking.

I hope you feel better soon - it's hard to look after lots of dogs when you're not feeling 100%, and seems very unfair too given you're only just getting over Covid.    How many dogs, and what kinds?  And is this work, or doing a favour for someone?  I hope it goes well, anyway.

Hope you're having a good day too.


Mercy (mercy164)

From: Mercy (mercy164)


Hi Suzy, 

I am a pet sitter so I can make money to care and pay for my home. I have had my own business for over 10 years until covid. I haven't been able to get work for over a year and it has just started picking up a slight bit.

Most of the dogs coming are my repeat clients.  I would like to start seeing new customers again.  I watch small dogs. The 2 that I have for 3 days pee everywhere.  I keep them in a pen but it is still a good bit of cleaning and getting up and down. I have another one for 6 days who is one of my favorites.  She is a pug mix. I also have my own dog and a daycare dog whom I just found out is leaving. 

I wish I had a bit more energy!


From: Suzy2018


Hi Mercy,

Sorry for slow reply - somehow I missed this last time I logged on, and I haven't been here very often lately (no smoking, don't worry - just work and family stuff!).

Wow, yes, it sounds like you need a lot of energy for the dog-sitting - especially the ones that pee everywhere.  I'm glad business is picking up a slight bit.  The pandemic decimated our income too, but it's been better lately which is a relief.

How are you doing otherwise?   I hope the quit is going well.