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New Here   General Chit-Chat

Started Apr-19 by Brenda696161; 196 views.

From: Brenda696161


Hi Everyone.. I’m new here. I’m on my 9th day without having a cigarette. I’m using Chantix to help me along. No one in my house smokes, I was the only one out of 3 peopl, I just got so sick of going outside to smoke and having Tabasco sitting around in my kitchen along with a cigarette machine and filters(I rolled my own) I was a heavy smoker and it got so bad that I was having trouble walking without pain in my legs, I was not getting enough oxygen to my legs .. My neck would even hurt. It’s a slow process but in only 9 days I can walk better then before and my neck stopped aching. I would really love support to keep me going. I don’t want to ever smoke again .. I can’t believe how those cigarettes were raising h—-with my body. Something just to,d me I had to stop smoking or at the rate I was goingI would not live a year from now. Although I have heard bad things about Chantix it’s doing the trick for me .. Is it really bad stuff?


From: gkim


Hi Brenda! That’s awesome you have nine days! It’s not easy but you just have to tell yourself what’s the alternative? I always think about living the rest of my life hooked up to an oxygen tank and that’s only if I’m lucky. 

I quit cold turkey so I can’t tell you about Chantix but I have heard people say it has helped them. You have to do what you have to do. I think trying anything is better than smoking.

I now am on month 5 of not smoking. Honestly, I never thought I can make it this far. 

you can do it, too. You have to fight your urges because the urges will come. I do whatever it take: I’ve screamed, ate a lot of hard candy, went outside and walked, took showers... And I come here and read and type away. The urge does leave you. It doesn’t kill you although sometimes, oh wow, you feel like just smoking! No!! Don’t! You are stronger than these stupid death sticks!! 

good luck and stay close!


From: Nope62


     HI! Welcome to the forum!

Nine days is Great! Your past the worst of it. I used Chantix about 9 years ago and I had the longest quit in my 50 years of smoking, 17 weeks.

Others here will come to your aid soon. I will just say from what you said, that I understand. Cigarettes are a slow form of suicide!

Try to think of  about staying quit one day at a time!  Don't think any further ahead than the present day, that only complicates things.  If you go to the bed tonight and you didn't smoke, You won!  Quitting smoking is a journey, not a sprint.

Good Luck!


From: Loreficent


Hi Brenda,

Nice! Yes, 9 days is wonderful. Keep it up. It’s wonderful that you are noticing improvements too. So amazing these bodies we live in, right? Good thing you are stopping now; those symptoms sound scary. 
I used Chantix once quite a few years ago. It worked well but I had a lot of stomach upset with it. Just as the recovery process is a bit different for each of us, medications affect each of us differently too. Don’t let someone else’s horror story scare you if so far you are doing ok with it. Do you trust the person that prescribed it? They must know your history enough to feel confident to prescribe it for you. Hopefully they are also monitoring things for you overall. Keep an eye on yourself and if you start to notice side effects that you find concerning, contact your Provider and let them know. Until then if you are doing ok with it, keep going. I think way more folks have had good results and not adverse experience with it than folks who’ve had bad experience or results.

As with most things, people tend to speak up the loudest about something they dislike or that bothers them than they are about something with positive effects. Sad but true to form human nature I think that phenomenon is. 
Nine days is too good to throw out even if you decide you weren’t doing well with it. Don’t let the addict voice talk you into starting smoking again if you switch to another method. Oldest trick in the book that one is! You know..the “I’m not doing well with this so I’ll stop Method A and smoke for a bit so I can retry quitting with Method B.” 

Hang in there! This is doable.


From: blackbird912


Welcome!  Congrats on 9 days.  You have come to the right place for support.