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Finally Time To Quit   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Apr-21 by Rylinguist; 243 views.

From: Rylinguist


Hello, I'm Ryan. I'll be 30 years old next Monday. I have been smoking since I was 20. I used it as a crutch for my depression and anxiety. I really didn't care if it damaged my body at the time. 

I'm in a serious relationship now and am a step father to an awesome 8 year old girl. I finally feel like it's time to quit. I finally feel like I care if my body is being damaged. I've tried to quit several times but irritability and cravings have made the attempts unsuccessful. I hope that now that I have a girlfriend and a step daughter, I'm trying once again. I imagine them every time I have a craving. I imagine them being sad if something ever happened to me and so far it's been enough to stave off the cigarettes so far. I don't know if it'll be enough to last however and this is why I'm joining here. I'm hoping to gain support. : )


From: KatieKat84


Hi Ryan,

Stopping smoking is the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones :) Not only the health benefits but while we are addicts there’s always part of our brain thinking about smoking, taking away from being in the present moment with those we care about.

I also suffer from anxiety and depression and would use smoking as a crutch. I now realise how the opposite is true, especially in terms of anxiety - smoking just made it so much worse!

Quitting is tough especially the first year but once you get free you won’t regret it. Stay close to the forum, read the articles on here so you know what to expect and what addiction is all about. If you get a strong crave and think you might smoke, post an SOS on here and wait for three responses.

Wishing you all the very best - and happy birthday for next week!


Quit 4th March 2017


From: boylant22


Welcome and congratulations on your quit journey!


From: oxanquits


Hi Ryan, welcome here. It is great motivation to quit for someone you care about. The health motivation didn't help me because with even 10 yrs you don't see that much damage clearly and can think few more won't hurt. I would say stick to imagining your loved once when you crave, if it helps. You can add doing something nice for yourself or for them in such moments too (make herbal tea, go for a walk, do some sport or breathing exercise). I quit only 1.5 month ago, but sticking to the forum also helped me so far.

Did you quit already or you're just planning to do so, let us know how is it going?

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