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NOPE Pledge, Thursday 29th April 2021   General Chit-Chat

Started Apr-28 by Jatchat; 371 views.

From: Jatchat


I pledge NOPE today, had a few cravings yesterday, but I did not bust, I just delayed gratification, and kept busy, did 10 Km on my new titanium hip yesterday, walked twice into town for Drs appointments, I went to Photographic Club last night, it was educational. I have an appointment with Quit Smoking Counsellor today at 9 am a funeral at 11 am and a Meeting of Grow at 1pm and Bible study at 7:30 pm, All in all a full day

Thank you for being so patient with me and all my stop starts quitting,

Kind regards




From: blackbird912


Thank you.  I will pledge NOPE today.  Wow, you are staying busy Anthony.  I know that helps to get lost in your work.

I had a rough day yesterday.  And felt like I could have easily smoked a cigarette.  I had to leave the house on 3 separate occasions and getting in the car to run errands was always my escape and reason to smoke.  And each errand I did yesterday took me on the same route that zipped past the gas station where I frequently purchased my cigarettes.  It was tough and I was surprised how strong my cravings felt.  It was like a magnet was pulling on me to stop and get some cigarettes.  It took well over an hour for one of my cravings to subside.  Then magically out of nowhere my craving stopped and I didn’t even notice the craving stopped.  All I knew is that I felt really good and I did not cave.  
so, here’s to another smoke-free day and I will gladly hold your hand and squeeze it if need the extra support.  NOPE!  


From: Eve1973


Good Morning! 

Nice Chris.....good going! Keep busy Anthony! It absolutely helps.....and if all else fails......take a nap! It helps!

I will join both of you in say Nope! Not one puff ever!

Come and join us.....we are stronger together!


From: Jatchat


I crashed in the middle of the day Chris, I was overcome with a fever, though I had no temperature I went to bed missed out on my Grow meeting and Bible Study, I certainly did not feel like smoking. I think it was a side effect from the Astra Zeneca vaccine I had on Wednesday, my body busy making antibodies.

All's good though, I survived. NOPE, Wow a craving that lasted an hour, that must be a record, Good on you for surviving that.


From: boylant22



No patience needed. We all are addicts and understand all too well the power that nicotine has over all of us. What’s important is you are back at it!

I pledge NOPE with you today!


From: Jatchat


Hi Boylant,

I didn't bust my quit, precious that it is, four days into my fifth


From: oxanquits


NOPE today, post factum almost  

I agree with Eve nap is the 100% method

Anthony I admire your schedule, even completing one task of it is great, it’s more than many people do, and so good you’re keeping your precios quit going


From: Jatchat


Thanks Oxana