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What makes you start back smoking?   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started May-8 by Fearit2021; 6823 views.

From: Fearit2021


Hi Jono,

Sorry I didn't get to this sooner. Stress is what I think would get me tripped up as well. 

I had asked the question of what do people do instead of smoking, and that then includes the question of what do people do that are under high stress,  without taking up a different unhealthy habit (drinking, eating too much, etc). 

I'm not a religious person, I don't meditate, and I am physically challenged, so going for walks, running, etc is not an answer that would help me.

I could doodle, crochet, play the piano or guitar, things like that, but those aren't things that are normally available at the time of high stress situations- work comes to mind. 

Obviously, I still haven't quit. The only thing that's been on my mind about quitting for the last 2 or 3 weeks has been paying 105.00 for a carton of cigarettes and I could be saving that money. I still haven't even had the chance to watch the videos on my list. I know they will help me, but my eyes are too tired when I get off of work, and  I have a list of things I have to get done before a deadline- all stressing me out a LOT. 

Hoping you were able to get your quit back. I've read many places that it takes a few tries. Take care! 


From: xvaper


Hi Fearit2021

One week into my quitting. I quit last year for a few months then relapsed because of stress, but that's the junkie mind speaking. Cigarettes did not help me de-stress and actually made it worse, all the while poisoning my body and make me smell bad. Yes cravings can kick ass but they did get better last time to a point where I was hanging out with all my smoker friends and did not even want to smoke. Then my brain tricked me to relapse. But so what, I'm quitting again and time for always I hope. At least I'm giving it all I got right now.

Best luck to all of us!

Hi, I just popped on here after years away. Plan on quitting this Saturday and my last successful quit was through this program. I stayed quit just shy of 4 years that time, since then tried many times but never had much success. What did me in was taking just one puff off of a friends cigarette when I had been drinking and was not excercising good judgement. At the time when I took that puff I recall thinking this taste like crap, glad I quit but ... as they say there is no such thing as just one puff and within days I was buying packs again. Sigh....


From: Jatchat


Welcome back Lorraine, its an insidious addiction, I have had good quits only to fall prey, to that stinking thinking, you came to the right spot to get help. I wish you all the best in your recovery


From: Denim50


Hey Raine, 

     How’s your new quit going today or have you started yet? I’m sorry to hear you lost your quit but glad you’re giving it another go. You can do it. We missed you after you left the forum. In fact, Brian (bmann018) and I were talking earlier this year about you being missed and were wondering how you were doing. The support here is still amazing and I’m sure you’ll still see some familiar quit buddies, as well as some newer ones. So please post, join in, and welcome back. We’ll be here to support and encourage you. I look forward to hearing from you again soon. Have good day and, if you have started your new quit today, remember to stay in the moment and take it one minute, one hour, at a time. Wishing you the best. 

raine (lorraineann)

From: raine (lorraineann)


I appreciate the welcome back, thanks. Saturday came and went with me still smoking. no excuses just could not bring myself to lay them down. I now live in Canada where the average pack is $20 so times that my 7 and that gives you $140 and times that by 4 weeks in a month and we are now at $560. I simply can't afford the financial cost. This would be my number one motivation. new quit date set for tomorrow.


From: Jatchat


You're welcome, Raine, climb back on the wagon, we are all here to help, cigarettes are $28 a pack here in Australia, 2 Packs a day is $56, a week is $392, a month is $1680, you can see why I don't smoke, I can't afford it! and the health reasons.

Take care and good luck with your quit

Kind regards



From: xvaper


The same happened to me 6 months ago. I was clean for 4 months, then has a really difficult time in my life, and started rolling cigarettes. Pretty soon I was rolling away every evening without even counting. I quit again 14 days ago. The withdrawal was harder this time around but the resolve is stronger. I now step out of myself when I get the cravings, and consider them as not personal. This is my primitive brain areas trying to manipulate my brain into getting another fix, because they have been hijacked by nicotine.

Smoking did not help me in my difficult time at all. It made it worse because it raises your blood pressure and increases cortisol to motivate lighting up another when the blood levels of nicotine become low . It made me lethargic, and took time out of my life when I could have been spending those hours doing something positive. It made me feel ashamed and trapped on top of the hard time I was going through. I keep re reading and re listening to all the quit audio and ebooks, the retrain my brain and break up the false ideations that nicotine addiction carved out in my brain. The tobacco companies are delighted to get our money and they don't care that we die, as long as they can recruit the young to start the cycle all over again, and they are succeeding with the vape industry. Don't let them destroy your life. Jump back on the wagon and lets do this together. 


From: Fearit2021


Wow! I thought it was bad paying 105.00 a carton for premium cigarettes!  That is a lot of money, either way. It is most certainly my biggest motivation to quit- which still hasn't happened. 

Xvaper's comments ring true as well. I've thought to myself that I can go through withdrawal tomorrow or next month or next year. The only difference is the money spent, and it's a lot of money. I feel that no matter when I quit, it will have been too late and the damage is already done, after observing my mom who had quit and still had a horrible quality of life through the years after. Much heavier smoker than myself, but that's beside the point. 

I'm not really sure what I am waiting for. I need to be able to focus on all of the good info on here and truly don't have time right now. I'm hoping after some big things settle (and they will), then I can get to it on here and get er' done! 

Though I haven't quit yet, getting notifications and reading what little I am right now is keeping the thought to quit in the forefront, rather than just not thinking about it, which had been the case prior to getting on this site. I'm envious of those who have been quit for a super long time. I now it was hard work. 


From: Eve1973


Jump in with both feet…… focusing and not having time…..hmmm is anytime A GOOD TIME?  Nope you are just putting it off, your name says it all. 

 Cigarettes are not your friend. They are a toxic situation! I know what you are thinking and saying to yourself, these are all excuses. I watched my dad @ 59 die, my brother at 43 die both of lung cancer due to smoking. And each time we left the hospital……we ALL LIT UP. Family of smokers. My excuse, well technically we were not “DNA” related, so cancer doesn’t run in my DNA. Guess what……my mom died of  Lung cancer also at 68. Well I wish I could say I QUIT that day……nope…. Almost 7 years later after she passed. Knock on wood, right now I have not been diagnosed with anything smoking related right now, but I smoked for over 30 years, and still relatively young, so hopefully I quit before anything arose. (48);

SO MY POINT…everyone in life has their own heartache story or “stuff” they are dealing with, this is a tough addiction…..you really need to start now! Wake up tomorrow and say I will not smoke! Be firm! I hope I wasn’t to hard on you. 

Eve quit 1/30/2020

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