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Worldwide Online Program   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Jul-4 by troymcclure1; 641 views.

From: troymcclure1


Hi, I'm new here, hoping this message is in place, and really wanting to quit... smoking for 18 years, 30 cigs a day, though I moved to the weakest cigs in the market (0.1mg nicotine, 1mg tar), still smoking destroys my health. I live in a 3rd world country (for business purposes), no NRT sold here (which I guess is even better?), but I'm looking for an online program for quitting smoking, but all online programs I found are limited only to certain countries. Of course I'm willing to pay for the program rather paying with my deteriorating health due to smoking...

Please if you can tell me about such programs, or how to find them, that'd be very helpful.
Or, if you have a magic way, let me know! Tried Allen Carr's book, tried Joel Spitzer for quite long (he's great!), but I'm still hooked...

Maybe I should add that the most difficult part for me, is the mornings. I wake up not only full of cravings but also with total amnesia of my will and decision to quit.


From: xvaper


Hi Troy,

I do not know about an online course but I do fins that repeat reading and listening helps me, nit just one time.

I quit for a few months, then relapsed, and I quit again 7 days ago. Re-reading Carr, watching Spitzer again and also reading these:



All that is helping me. Also very important is support from the people on this site. this is my second quit and my quit buddies here are supporting me all the way.

There is a lot of reading you can do here and also start threads, just ask a question or ask for help, people will respond.

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From: troymcclure1


Thanks xvaper, I was looking for a program only because I read a paper saying that they have the most success rate. But that's just science... to be taken seriously, but not too seriously! I read most of the book by John (and in fact read tons of material over the last three years), but wasn't aware of quitsmokingonline.com, looks great! Thanks! Also this forum looks great, I'll try to get involved!


From: oxanquits


Don’t know the offline program, but I’ve seen a QuitSure app for mobile, it’s 5-6 days free program and you suppose to smoke until last day… like Alen Carr but more interactive. The info there is reasonable, but I didn’t use it for quit just for firming my knowledge, because I saw it few weeks into my quit.

Wish you best of luck and courage to complete the last step, as you’ve put in a lot of work already by reading all that information.

I quit cold turkey almost 4 month ago after 10+ Years pack a day (and vaping) and 50+ failed attempts. Tobacco Wars documentary and support of this forum is what shifted my mind.

Enjoy your journey! It’s eye opening blue_heart

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From: troymcclure1


thanks oxanquits :)


From: Lubbercat


I don't know of any online quit programs but, when it comes to mornings I totally changed my routine for a while..........Like instead of jumping up and going for coffee and a smoke, I would start the coffee, then go in and take my shower.......later in the quit, I even slept later so I did not have that time in the morning where I used to smoke.  

Good luck on your quit


From: Sammyp7


Craving 2 Quit is a good app. Daily short lessons, multiple check in reminders.  Based around mindfulness.