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New Member - 5th day Smoke Free   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Jul-6 by DM2021; 401 views.

From: DM2021


So grateful to find a support group!!  Had a routine kidney scan for urologist mid June and radiologist noted

emphysema on left lower lung lobe.  That area was radiated during breast cancer treatment about 10 years

ago and I was warned but kept smoking.  Now I am scared and resolute to stop smoking, cold turkey.  Today

I am finding that I am weepy.  Can use some thoughts on this weepiness.  I know I am very tired today because

I was in the kitty emergency room till 12 mid-night and really did not fall asleep till about 2:30am this morning 

and got up at 5am.  Tried to take a nap, but the phone rang as I was dozing off.  I am reading A. Carr's Easy

Way to STOP Smoking and really latched onto the image of every time I want to put a smoke in my mouth 

picture the tail pipe of my car, cause basically that is what kind of chemicals I am putting into my lungs!!!

Kill the desire right away.  I have been smoking for close to 50 years.  Stopped once for a few years and then

made the mistake of starting again because I gained 40 lbs.   Need some encouragement and thoughts.

So glad to have found this forum!!!  {{HUGS}}

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From: xvaper


Hi DM,

Im on my second quit. I quit for a few months after years vaping, and relapsed with cigarettes 6 months ago. I m on day 8 and experienced all the symptoms you wrote about. BUT its getting better, I am able to sleep better ( when I first quit I could not fall asleep), and yesterday I was almost weepy because of some very strong pangs, but I  made it though another evening. I am going to do some reading regarding about the cravings that Denim posted :



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From: DM2021


XVaper, wishing you the best, you are day 8!!!  That is wonderful.  I just read about how we link the pleasure,

respite and what is perceived as a calming affect of smoking and to consciously transfer those false feelings

of pleasure of smoking to realistic unhealthy connections really does help break the cycle of deprivation and

sadness!!  It does work!!  Thank you for the links, it truly is a mind game with nicotine isn't it??!!  So glad you

made it to day 8!!  I am determined to do this!

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From: xvaper


For me its the challenge of REALLY accepting the fact that I am a full on junkie. I know it mentally but I have to really internalize it still.

Nevertheless I will continue on a day to day basis, I have to teach myself to untangle all these mental connections between smoking and activities, and emotional projections that our poor brain was tricked to do. Definitely a mind game. I do know people who were heavy smokers, and have quit years ago. Now they have zero wanting to smoke, they find the idea disgusting. I hope to get to that stage, and I will try my hardest.

Let's do another day!

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From: DM2021


XVaper, I agree!!!  thumbsup    Dealing moment to moment!!  relaxed