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Short term smoker   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Jul-15 by MsBardo; 811 views.

From: MsBardo


Hi All, Just signed in today. I am almost 60 years. Will turn 60 in October. My smoking history is this: Throughout my life, I have never (yet) been addicted to cigarettes. I only smoked when I drank. I should mention that for the majority of my adult life, I have been sober with the help of AA and later NA as well.  When I had a relapse (of both), I returned to AA/NA meetings and socializing with a lot of smokers. Not their fault, I often leaned on cigarettes periodically throughout my life.  But when I got clean again, I started smoking every day (something I'd never done in my whole life) and started buying packs as soon as I ran out or right before I ran out. This has been going on for nearly 5 months now. I've been hiding this whole thing from my husband which is almost a full-time job in itself.  I smoked 3 cigarettes this morning and I'm determined to quit. I have not yet even tried to quit. I have no idea what to expect.  Do you folks think it will be hard or not much hard at all?  I'm thinking possibly I will miss it psychologically more than the actual act of smoking, but I really don't know. I have many reasons to stop now before it's really this monster that becomes another addiction in my life. Thanks all.  Any ideas of suggestions or thoughts welcomed.


From: Jatchat


Read the material on this website under Quit Smoking Library, there are some useful articles here, some that may address your situation. It can be found at the bottom of the Discussions Pane left hand side of your webpage


From: Eve1973


Hi, MsB,

Quitting smoking is different for everyone, I smoked for over 30 years……and it’s been a tough journey for me, but I am now almost a year and a half nicotine free.

If I was you, I would just quit. Be prepared for the mind games. Chew gum, drink ice water through a straw, and distraction is key to success. But come on here and read, talk to others or whatever you need to do to NOT SMOKE.

Good luck…….definitely read! This forum is SO VERY HELPFUL, if you need to post an SOS, do so!


From: xvaper


Hi MsBardo,

There are many links on here with really good advice and education.

I don't mean to be forward, but reading your post, maybe you always were to an extent a nicotine addict without realizing it? If you say you often leaned on cigarettes periodically throughout your life, that is a tell tale sign.

I did not realize I was addict for many years, years when I had smoked only periodically, years when I had smoked 'socially' ( or maybe just told myself that I did), years when I vaped instead of smoking..Until I realized last year, after reading and educating myself, that I am a full fledged Nicotine junkie, the most addictive drug known to man.

This is my second quit. I quit on here last year and was free for a few months, then relapsed after an emotionally hard period. Of course cigarettes did not help me with my crisis one iota, it's a con job.  Cigarettes are not our friends.

This time around I am reading, watching  and education myself on repeat, to strengthen my sober muscles. I am 17 days in and I am so happy I quit again.

The physical withdrawal is around 3 days and its not that bad at all, and if you have quit Alcohol it will be way easier.

The mental withdrawal like you said is the harder part, so now is the time to read and post on this site when you need to talk or need help, like Eve said. This place helps me so much.

I am sure you can beat this like a lot of us are doing.

Allan Carr's book  'Easy way to quit' helped me a lot as well as this free ebook:



From: euknight


Hi MsB,

Sounds like we have lived parallel lives in some ways.  I highly recommend what Eve and X have told you along with Anthony’s directive.  It is like anything…ask yourself….do you really want to quit?  Like the tables of AA…Do you really want to……of course not!,  Addicts don’t WANT TO quit.   The question is …..Do I want this substance to control me?

So I have been sober 34 years, we are around the same age.  I started smoking the day I quit drinking.  I am 14 months and 15 days nicotine free.  If you are at a place where you can put the cigs down, do it.  I will not kid you, in my opinion quitting booze and nicotine were both HELL.  Like alcohol, I had to almost overdo every suggestion given to me and it still was hell.  Speaking for myself, as an addict, the rebellious “want to do what I want to do, get relief however possible, can’t take pain”. All of those phrases/lies I tell myself are old and worn out.

This will be one of the best decisions you will make in your life.  The drug is stronger than heroin.  The toll is devastating.  The people on this site will save your life, if you let them.  Get ready, sista!



Diana (DianaSaigo)

From: Diana (DianaSaigo)


Good evening Ms. Bardo!

First off!!!  Congrats on the sobriety from Alcohol and Narcotics!!!  That is SUPER huge!   So the issue is...are you strong enough in your sobriety...to take on the challenge of smobriety?  I will tell you...because your addiction has just begun...it will be much easier for you...then for some of us...who have been smoking 30 or 40 years and started as a kid... that being said...doesn't mean that addiction hasn't crept up...since you are sneaking around and lying about your smoking.  Face it!  you have a precept to addiction...so for you and many of the folks out there...me include...we can become addicted to everything!  the internet, food, etc...I turned 60 on the 6th of this month..I quit smoking the day before..as I want to start this decade...free..like you...i tend to get addicted to things with out me realizing it...research everything you can!  and make a plan...and make a back up plan!  write yourself a letter as to why...and understand..you are trading one chemical for another chemical...but most importantly...you need to look inside you!...sometimes...those of us with childhood trauma, and such tend to go down this path...and need to address the underlying cause...and to why you are numbing yourself..and how do you forgive...and let go...how do you stop letting the perpetrator win...(i get i am off the deep end...and maybe this applies and maybe it doesnt...but that is what i feel i need to tell you--am 60...so officially the crazy ol lady! HAHAHA)