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2 years   General Chit-Chat

Started Jul-23 by sweetstuff76; 689 views.

From: sweetstuff76


I reached a milestone I never thought I would . It has been my first quit and  cold turkey and it’s taken some determination . I’m still feeling benefits as I continue on my journey but my body also hated it initially so it was tough during the first year . Not sure who else in our quit month is still smoke free , we didn’t really have a support group for our month with very few of us but I do hope you all are joining me in the 2 year milestone .

quit July 23rd 2019 


From: alreadysick


I made it to the 2 yr. mark as well. Couldn't log in under 4Quitness, so I have to use this negative name. 

It has been a very long and rough journey. Unfortunately, I have never found that peace that many have spoken of. It is easier than it was starting out, but I still want to smoke every single day. I will not do it though, as if I go back to smoking I would be signing my own death sentence. My COPD has stayed stable, and I remain medication-free so far. Just had another lung CT scan this week. There are still a few small nodules but nothing concerning right now.

I'm really glad you're still smoke-free, and I knew you could do it. Stay strong!



From: oxanquits


Congratulations both  

Wow you still want to smoke, that’s good to know haha.

Wishing you lots of smoke free years to


Oksana, 12.03.21

I also made it 2 years. It wasn't easy but I did it!!  Hope you doing well.  I am from July 2019 quit group!!

I also made it 2 years. It wasn't easy but I did it!!  Hope you doing well.  I am from July 2019 quit group!!  From one quiter to another quiter  to this very day when I see someone smoking I sink!!  Just like a delicious meal. I want one!!!  Thought I would let you know you are not alone!!  We made it two years congrats to you!!!


From: Anne2020


CONGRATULATIONS ALL OF YOU.  Cheers and happy days to you.  I am 20 months Sept 1 and so looking forward to 2 years.  My breathing hasn't really improved and I put on some unwanted weight but I don't cough as much as I used to.  Still, I am hoping that I will see more improvements after 2 years.  Please allow me to send you some lovely flowers in honor of your 2 years milestone. 

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Oh thank you how beautiful.  Yes my breathing is a bit better but I also have gained weight.  Trying to loose the pounds now. The extra weight is causing the shortness of breath right now.  My cough is gone.   I didn't realize I coughed so much.  So now I have started focusing on weight loss!!  Best wishes to you on your up coming anniversary 

Diana (DianaSaigo)

From: Diana (DianaSaigo)


Congrats to all of you!!!  That is a huge milestone!