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Hello!   General Chit-Chat

Started Jul-28 by stopsmokesu; 288 views.

From: stopsmokesu


Good morning!  This is my third time quitting.  3 years ago I quit for 3 months.  Then back last august I quit for 50 days.  Always thought just having one would be ok...STUPID ME!  Well, I am trying again and hoping being part of this forum can help!  I am open to any advice at anytime!  Thanks!


From: Jatchat


Hello stopsmokesu, welcome back, I don't remember you but I have been in and out of this site for as long as I can remember. I to have to learn that lesson NOPE Not one puff ever, I am currently on three week quit believing that this is the last one.

Kind regards


PS Read all the  valuable material on this site, go to Quit Smoking Library thats a good place to start

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From: Loreficent


Start at the beginning of the July 2021 New Ex Smokers Start Here tab. Also, it helps to go just where it says “Discussions” on the top of the topic column on the left, and in grey box just under Discussions hit the drop arrow and set to “All” then there will be a “Library” tab near the bottom of the column. Lots of good stuff in there. 
This E Book is invaluable:


Post and read a lot on here and take it one day at a time. 

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From: xvaper


Hi Stopsmokesu,

Congratulations on your decision. I too learned the lesson of 'Just one'. Make a commitment and stick to it, like Joel Spitzer says. For me, that is what it has come too. I am active on here, and I reread the book in the link Lori shared. That one that helped me the most, but there are other materials to read including people sharing their stories on this site. There is also a lot of support here, feel free to reach out or share your experience. Let's stop paying the tobacco companies to kill ourselves.