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Quitting Nicotine   General Chit-Chat

Started Aug-5 by Akzel; 301 views.

From: Akzel


Been smoking for more than 20years and I decided ro quit from smoking bruptly and I suffered a lot for the adjustments of my (body) system. Its my 3rd week today August 6, 2021. I am here to ask some advice or some testimony from the people who experienced worst from quitting nicotine/smoking. Coz i really dont know what and how to do with these feelings of adjusting my system or is it really normal to feel anxious/anxiety, panic, headache, body pains, tirediness/fatigue, sometimes I cant sleep, sometimes I have a strong appetite. Hope someone will enlighten me or help me explain about these..thank you..

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From: Denim50


Welcome to the forum Akzel. This is a great place for support when quitting smoking. We’re glad to have you join us here. Congratulations on your decision to quit and on three weeks smoke free. 

Quitting isn’t easy but it is doable, and it is one of the best decisions we can make for ourselves and our health. It does seem like your experiencing a lot of those symptoms all at once. To answer your question, yes, they can all be normal symptoms of withdrawal. If you’re having a particular tough time with them and are concerned, I would recommend that you discuss it with your doctor. I’ll leave a few articles here that help explain the possible withdrawal symptoms we might face during cessation. 

I would also recommend taking your quit a day at a time. That is to say, don’t look too far ahead. Sometimes looking too far ahead can also cause added stress or anxiety that we don’t need starting out. Stay in the moment and take it a day, a hour, or a minute at a time if necessary. The time will add up. Also, if you feel like you’re going to give in to a craving, please come here and post at least three times, three minutes apart, in three different places on the forum, before giving in. That will give others a chance to respond and try to help. It also delays giving in to the urge to smoke in order to give the craving a chance to pass. 

You might also want to consider joining the ‘July 2021 Ex-Smokers’ group or the ‘August 2021 Ex-Smokers’ group, both are located in the menu to the left of the screen. I’m sure they will be happy to have you join them. 

As I said earlier though, please post anywhere on the forum and join in. We all support each other here and are glad to have you join us. 

Have a great day. relaxed 


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From: xvaper


Hi Akzel, I also experiences all the above. Could hardly sleep for 3 weeks.

Every person reacts differently to withdrawal physically and mentally, which in turn affects physical symptoms. We all had used nicotine addiction to push down our feelings,  now we have to learn to deal with them without the distraction, hence the anxiety and panic. It does get better, time is on your side. Remember, it's better to  experience all these side affects right now, than continuing to poison yourself for one single moment. The consequences of continuing to pay the the tobacco companies to kill ourselves are far more dire than what we experience at the start of the quitting process.