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Passed 7 yrs   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started Sep-7 by Joem8282; 1176 views.

From: Denim50



Hey Joe, 

Congratulations on seven years smoke free! That’s wonderful! 

Thank you for posting and sharing part of your quit journey story, and for your encouraging and inspiring words to newer quitters. It’s great when those who have years of freedom from this addiction come back to encourage others. 

As to the year of you quit and some of your quit-buddies, I can try to help you with that. You quit September 2014. A couple of your quit-buddies were: 

Tim (gtp1) and Craig (kfirebirds) 

Tim (gtp1) came to the forum in August 2015 and posted, hoping other members of the group would respond to his post when they became members of this site. Craig (kfirebirds) did respond that August. They both posted again, on that same thread, in June 2016. They have not posted on that particular thread since. However, according to the site, Tim (gtp1) last logged on June 6, 2019 and Craig (kfirebirds) last logged on June 4, 2020. I’ll leave a link to the Tim (gtp1) thread that I mentioned previously, in case you might want to post there and see if you get a response. I hope that you do and I wish you the very best with your attempt to reconnect with your quit-buddies. I also hope that they have been just as successful with their quits as you have and are off somewhere celebrating their seven years of freedom too. Here’s the link to that particular thread: 


Of course, you could also try making a new post/thread and cc them. They may have notifications that, if they do, might alert them to your message, just a idea. Good luck. four_leaf_clover

Again, congratulations Joe!  

Have a great day. relaxed 



From: Joem8282


Thank you very much!! 


From: boylant22


Congratulations to you!!    What a wonderful achievement!


From: kittymom413


Congratulations to you!!! I just had my 6 year smoke free anniversary this past weekend. I'm thankful for this forum & for all the strong people that have come before me.

Have an amazing day,

Kitty cat


From: Joem8282


Congrats on your 6 yrs!!! Hard work pays off!!


From: xvaper


Well done, beautiful kitty you got there!