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Quit seson.. Again.    Health Support and Encouragement

Started Sep-12 by Krisitover; 181 views.

From: Krisitover


Hi. I look at a lot of people and I hit my forehead with how limited they and I are by smoking. Cough, bad smell, a few pipes in the morning before work, during, on the way home and there is almost nothing left and colleagues from work are sunbathing .. And nothing changes. I'm still standing here and alive. The money is decreasing and I do not feel sorry for it and I would rather spend it on a beautiful gift for my wife. And here comes my dilemma: I quit smoking when the seasons change. I do not smoke in the fall to spring, I smoke from summer to winter or vice versa - since 2012. How to end this forever and how to hold back in the spring if I quit now. Nicotine gums? Slices etc? I'm fed up with coughing, being imprisoned in addiction, spending money, and for my loved ones to be an example of winning the addiction and not being ruled by foul-smelling fumes. I will be grateful for the advice. Regards Christopher :)


From: xvaper


Hi Christopher,

I am happy to hear that you are ready to quit for good. I am 2.5 months into my current quit. I was clean for 5 months then relapsed during Covid, which did not help alleviate my situation one bit. I learned from that, won't happen again. Both times I quit, I did it cold turkey. I follow the school of thought that getting riding my body from nicotine altogether is the best way. Patches only prolong the process and keeps you addicted to nicotine. Contrary to some belief, nicotine in and of itself is extremely harmful. It may not as carcinogenic as the lead, arsenic, cyanide, benzine, formaldehyde and other poisons ( yes we are INHALING those), but nicotine is a poison that causes the serious heart disease that kills millions (killed my dad).  

Having said that, there are several of my friends on here who have successfully quit with gums or patches and overtime got rid of those too, so whatever works. 

Many people experience the urge to smoke when the season changes, it's a known phenomena. For the me key to my quit is simple, do I want to quit or not. If so, I cannot give in to urges that come from brain addiction and association. I will no longer pay the tobacco companies to kill myself.

Practical help comes from getting involved in this community, but also from a lot of reading. There are many links to reading material here but a good start is below. It's a link to a free ebook, but the site has a lot of other material and videos on it:


?The more scientific and neurologic understanding of the addiction, the better tools you have to get through the addict brain manipulation. It will try to make you smoke "just the one", especially in the beginning. The first two weeks can be difficult but it gets much better from then on out.

Congratulations on your decision and take the plunge!