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218 days   Quit Support

Started Oct-11 by katman3; 219 views.

From: katman3


It’s been 7 months now that I’m smoke free and alcohol free and I don’t feel any different actually I’m getting less sleep and I’m more aggressive how long before I feel a difference or is it all In my head 


From: xvaper


Hi. Katman,

I am 3.5 months clean now and I feel so much better. 7 months is really impressive,  you definitely proved you can function without it and you stuck to your commitment.  That is no small feat. Lack of sleep can be triggered by many other factors, not just quitting smoking. At this point your body is well rid of nicotine, so it can't be the cause..

One difference you can count on is that your liver and lungs are thanking their lucky starts that  you stopped poisoning yourself. Surely your bank account enjoys not having to pay tobacco companies and the state's coffers to kill yourself.

Have you tried counseling?  many people manage their depression by self medicating with alcoholI ( and or nicotine) once those are removed  you continue to feel depresses and anger is another form of depression, resulting in aggression . I have been struggling with depression my whole life and treatment definitely helped me cope better and change my outlook on things in general.